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I've been led astray

Thursday, May 7th 2009

Oh, no! I've been caught by the Facebook addiction! And that's less time for CalorieKing. A lot less time for CalorieKing.

What a nice (not) surprise!

Monday, May 4th 2009

Oh, what a thrill! I stepped on the scale Saturday morning, thinking positively (198, 198, 198), knowing full well that I ate and exercised like +2 not -1. But -- ta-da -- I weighed 198.5. Oh, glory be, and praises to all Weight Loss Guardian Angels!!!

Sunday is my "real" weigh-in day. I don't know why I can go all week and stay off the scale, but there's something about Saturday morning, weigh-in day getting so close and all, that I can't resist a little preview. So Sunday -...

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