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Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I would like to find something new that is relatively quick, simple, and low cal and/or low fat too.
My favorite breakfast sandwich is an english muffin or reduced 35 calorie whole wheat bread, and 1/4 C. of egg whites and two pieces of turkey bacon. I add onions, tomato or jalapeno at different times. The sandwich is only 190 calories.
I love to have a bowl of instant cream of wheat made with fat free milk. When done I put a TBSP of sugar free jelly in it. A piece of 35 calorie bread with a TBSP of sugar free jelly on that. A piece of fruit and trop50 or a glass of fat free milk.
During the summer months I like to make a breakfast smoothie. 1 C. of fat free milk, 3 or 4 strawberries, 1/2 cup of greek yogurt and a banana. You could sub some juice for the milk. Filling and yummy!
I hope somebody has some great ideas to share! :teeth1:

If you don't start now, this time next year you'll wish you had!

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Wow. Lots of variety. I need more variety. I get lazy and sometime just eat a protein bar (270 cals).

But I will also frequently on work days, put oatmeal in a thermos with raisins and honey, then add hot water (from the coffee maker at work), and wait ab out 15 minutes (doesn't take long). EASY, EASY, EASY.... yep, for me, it's gotta be easy.


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