SCHNAUZERLUV - 8:45PM UTC, Aug 6th 2012

It doesn't seem like many people post regulary on the boards here. After being on Weight Watchers and Nutri System, I'm use to a lot of regulars posting. Am I missing something?:cross3:

TMOORE1 - 1:51PM UTC, Aug 20th 2012


Agreed, Jess. It's circular: the more people post, the more people post.

We just have to get over that momentum and keep it up.

"I can do it. I will do it."

ITAZURAH - 6:01PM UTC, Aug 19th 2012


Sometimes logging my calories is time consumi enough, i don't have time to post. I think whe. The forum is slow, peoplle are less inclined to post since no one else is, slow begets slow.



TMOORE1 - 11:13AM UTC, Aug 13th 2012


I think people come and go a lot. I know I've been off track, and that makes me not inclined to log in to CK, much less post here. People's daily lives can't get ignored - the dog needs walking, ya' gotta get up and get to work and so forth - but it's easy to put off logging in and posting. Face it, we all have a lot going on, both physically and mentally, and some things get pushed to the back of the priority list.

What can we do to make it better?


"I can do it. I will do it."

LENIEGURL - 4:32AM UTC, Aug 9th 2012


I was posting regularly because I really, really need the support to deal with my myriad of food issues and for months there were hardly any people here, I did not know if it was due to the summer months and people are on vacation or if they just do not post much on C.K. I am still going to post and hopefully I will get feedback.

VNEISWONGER - 7:43PM UTC, Aug 8th 2012

Clarion, PA

I agree about the posts. I dont understand it myself. I mean the posting is included with the membership and I always felt that having communication with someone other than your doctor about the trial and tribulations of the weigt loss journey was beneficial to us. I add to my bbgs almost daily and even if I dont add I read. I never know when Im going to come across something that is useful to me or that I could help with. Thats the whole point. Its called SUPPORT, and I for one welcome it. Vicki the bookwitch

SYDNEY - 11:57PM UTC, Aug 6th 2012

Ventura, California

this groups comes and goes or i do... the forums and challenges are
very busy.. not even sure why they started the whole *groups* unless groups are open to the pubic side of CK?

i always forget to come here, but always post in the PAWS challenge and the Healthy Habit challenge and i journal most everyday:hi:

~ Sydney ~
:love: Healthy Habits :love: