Hello! Just joined CalorieKing today!

JCASWELL - 11:06PM UTC, Sep 23rd 2010


Hi Everyone!
I have 200lbs to lose! Scared as all hell, and I realize I have quite a journey ahead of me. Hope I can get the help and support I need here by others with the same problem, as well as help others! We can do it!

JCASWELL - 4:19PM UTC, Sep 24th 2010


Thanks! Wow what an inspiration! See ya around!

AKFANN - 1:34PM UTC, Sep 24th 2010

Southeast Georgia

Welcome! We're glad to have you. Most of us have been in your shoes. I still have 93 pounds to go on my journey to a healthier me. So I will be here for sometime too. Good luck!!


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