I'm the new girl

HIGHDEE - 3:00AM UTC, Jun 23rd 2008

South Carolia

Hi! My name is Heidi. I am here to lose 120 pounds. Any help would be appreciated!

TMORSE01 - 3:13PM UTC, Oct 23rd 2008


:clap: Well, here I am with just 93 pounds to go. I have taken off 7 pounds this week.
I am sticking to 1200 cal. It is hard.... I am a little hungry but, I am determined.


TMORSE01 - 1:49AM UTC, Oct 18th 2008


Hey girl. When I started 3 days ago I had 100 pounds to lose now I am down to 97... lol
I always lose the first few quickly... Anyway, Good Luck!!!!

SENGA123 - 5:22PM UTC, Sep 22nd 2008

Hi Heidi, and welcome. I just joined today myself. Hopefully we can encourage each other on this journey. Nice to meet you...