Introduce yourself, please

TMOORE1 - 5:51PM UTC, Mar 18th 2012


Hello all.

I'm starting this thread in hope of getting more activity in this CK group.

Those of us who have more than 100 to lose have a special considerations. Let's talk and help each other.

Use this thread to introduce yourself. Some people are more comfortable than others with revealing personal details: Go with your own comfort levels. You don't have to give your entire life story - just enough to let us know where you are in trying to get fit and healthy.

Thanks & Welcome!

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PCARTE - 10:58PM UTC, Oct 20th 2017

Greetings from Missouri. I am not happy with the weight I have gained over the years and I definitely need to do something. I have all the materials at hand--what I don't seem to have is the will power to keep myself on track.

ACRREAGAN - 9:56AM UTC, Dec 28th 2015

Hi I'm Amanda. I just joined up and I am trying out this program after trying and failing at n countless others.


MARBLEMAN - 5:26AM UTC, Oct 19th 2014


More salad!
Hi Kathryn. I'm new & saw your post on 100+ forum thread. I started a new thread accidentally, but the other one's are kind of fizzled out I think. Anyways, welcome to CK. Hope all is going well with you. Keep minding your calories and you can't go wrong!

MARBLEMAN - 3:58AM UTC, Oct 19th 2014


16 lbs in 2 weeks???? Dude, you rock!

MARBLEMAN - 3:52AM UTC, Oct 19th 2014


More salad!

Hi. I'm unclear on how the posts work so sorry if I posted off the road somewhere yesterday. I thought I was on a thread, not starting one. The 100+ Forum home page shows only your first post, but none of the responses to that post (which I had to look for within your own thread). So anyways, I'm glad to discover this thread is so vital and busy and helpful. I would have posted here in the first place. But since I'm under way I guess I will leave my thread open too. I'm trying to lose a hundred pounds, mostly because of the joint pain while walking. Getting pretty rough. Plus I'm fatigued really bad, even when I first awaken. Plus I know my weight invites trouble from my diabetes, like many of you mention having. Well, best wishes.

EDNASEMAR - 5:28PM UTC, Sep 2nd 2014


Hi - I'm Edna....been up and down in weight all my life. I have well over 100 lbs to lose. Since joining CK on July 29, I have lost 58 lbs. I eat up to my calorie limit. I have diabetes and chronic kidney disease so I have to limit carbs and proteins so some days it is hard to reach the limit and not eat more carbs and protein than I am allowed. That basically leaves fat for me to eat and I refuse to eat Crisco just to meet my
I can already tell the difference in the lost weight. I can walk a little further without gasping for breath like a fish out of water - I still breathe hard, but not as long or as hard. I look forward to seeing others write in this group.

DELTAMAID - 4:23PM UTC, Sep 10th 2013

Hello everyone, I'm new here and blogging is also new to me so if I make a mess of this, or do a major breach of blogging protocol, forgive me. Seems the dates on these posts are really old. Maybe I'm writing to an empty room. :(
I am a retired RN and am seriously overweight. (that's me being kind to myself - 382 is more than seriously overweight - it's obscene). I am praying that I can stick to this effort and could really use a buddy or two. Hope to hear from someone

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TMOORE1 - 12:54AM UTC, Jun 10th 2013


Hello Diane. Welcome to the 100+ group.

I am *so sorry* that no one was here to greet you, before this. The activity in this group waxes and wanes a bit. I've been having a bad time of it ("it" being controlling my weight, work stress, and multiple family members sick) and so I haven't been posting much recently.

It's been several weeks since you joined the group. How are you doing? How do you like CK?


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WULF21 - 7:10PM UTC, May 15th 2013 View users public diary

Hello! My name is Diane, I need to lose ALOT of weight. I am married with have two boys, the youngest almost grown, and a 3 year old grand daughter. In 25 years I have gained this weight slowly and never tried to lose it. This is my first reall attempt. :thumbu2:

MAJA_MIKKELS - 2:56AM UTC, Nov 13th 2012


Reposted from 11/05 thread - sorry I only noticed this introduction thread now:

Hi Suz, hi all, :hi:

I would really like to join this group. I became a member probably two years ago but never really committed to the program. Now three weeks ago, I decided to give it another try.

Somehow, I seem to be in a better frame of mind and things have been going pretty well: without majorly painful changes, I have managed to drop nine pounds in that time, mainly by cutting out sugar and walking the dogs every day... Most of all, my heartburn is gone so I sleep much better than before; several people have commented on that - "you look so rested"! So in other words, the start has been very encouraging.

But, I have also finally accepted that this is a process that will take years and must lead to permanent change. And that it's very hard to do this all by myself. Having some comrades and some fun on the way should be very helpful!

With best wishes,


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MACRELMAR - 1:56AM UTC, Oct 25th 2012 View users public diary

Hello, hoping you all had a good day. I just got home... Tired but wound up. Having my planned nighttime snack. Just came from a meeting where there was food. Someone made their "famous homemade fudge" I didn't even look at the food table until the meeting was over. I was helping to clean up. It amazed me that there was fudge even left. No ne wanted to take it home either. In the past I would have taken it in a heartbeat. Then I would have eaten it all before bed, I'd be sick but it would have been so comforting going down. I miss that, using food for comfort. I'm thankful that I'm not sitting here eating compulsively though and that instead I'm checking in to see how you all did today. :-)

TMOORE1 - 11:51PM UTC, Oct 24th 2012


Likewise, I'm hyper-busy these days also. Arg. It's not nice, being so busy.


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MACRELMAR - 2:02AM UTC, Oct 23rd 2012 View users public diary

Hi Toni, thanks for the welcome! I'm excited about being here. Had a busy day today so I'm just now checking in. :-)

TMOORE1 - 11:19PM UTC, Oct 22nd 2012


Welcome Maryellen. It's a good place here.


"I can do it. I will do it."

MACRELMAR - 2:12AM UTC, Oct 22nd 2012 View users public diary

Hey there big daddy, welcome! I thought it was neat you said you've been married 17 lovely years! Congrats... I'm proud of you for embarking on this journey! Being happily married with four kids makes it so special that you are taking care of yourself so you'll be happy & healthy as your children grow up! Keep up the great work!

MACRELMAR - 2:04AM UTC, Oct 22nd 2012 View users public diary

Hi, my name is Maryellen. I'm 53 years old, married for 35 years. I have a 34 years old son, and a grandson who's seven. I'm very blessed!

I've struggled with weight all my life, but I've been over 100lbs overweight for a few years now. I use food to comfort me and fill emotional needs. I've also struggled with depression a good part of my adult life.

I've tried everything and realized in September that I am helpless when it comes time to food, I have no willpower, no control! I went into a treatment center for six short days when my ins. Ran out. It was long enough for me to realize I was desperate for a change, I was at my bottom and I didn't want to live like this anymore. I've been a prisoner in my own body!

I joined OA, I now go to three meetings a week and am so thankful that I don't have to try anymore to control my eating. I do however need to have a food plan, and stick to it daily.

In the past I rebelled against tracking or counting calories. I now find it freeing to preplan my next day and know ahead of time what I'm going to eat. It's still a struggle, I miss and mourn sugar and white flour as I abstain from it, but this site is so helpful and it makes my plan so much easier to work out, and stick to.

I hope to connect with some of you as this will be a lifetime journey for me and isolation needs to be a thing of my past!

Thank you...

TMOORE1 - 1:01PM UTC, Oct 9th 2012


Hi Ev. You used to have a different icon, yes? I recognize your name, but not the new photo. You're just now joining the 100+ group? Welcome. It's nice here.

Mojo can wax a wane. That's okay. Significant changes can be made. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to get yourself to where you want to be. We'll help.


"I can do it. I will do it."

WOODSANDWIND - 1:10AM UTC, Oct 9th 2012

Up nort'

Hi, I'm a 60 year old female........I've been fat all of my life. The earliest picture I have is of me in diapers, sitting on the lawn, like a little Buddha.

I was able to lose weight easier when I smoked and drank coffee, but I had to give both of them up for other health reasons. Then I went through menopause and it was like hitting a brick wall. Now it takes a LOT more energy to lose less weight. But I can't give in because I know it will be the end if I do.

So here I am. I joined in January and didn't lose anything until June. Then I lost 10 pounds but hurt my back and had to take 6 weeks off from even walking. So I lost my mojo. Now it's October. I have kept 8 of the 10 pounds off but am struggling to lose more.

I know I have to start moving around. It's that simple. I don't overeat. I under move.

So here I am. BTW.......I weigh 251.5. My heaviest has been 261.5. Otherwise my health is pretty good. I'm not on any meds but my blood sugars run around 119. I know I'm borderline and this had better be as close as I ever get to being diabetic..

Time for a change. Time to start it or not. I better learn to love it!


May we all be filled with sisu - the tenacity to keep fighting the good fight!

TMOORE1 - 7:49PM UTC, Oct 8th 2012


Hi Brian. So sorry I missed replying to your post sooner. I've got a lot of 'stuff' going on right now. (Illness in the family, I'm doing invalid care.)

Welcome, welcome. Wow, your starting weight is familiar to me - my all-time high was 394. Been there, done that. Not gonna go back.

What are you doing for exercise? I'll pop over to your personal page and see if I can see what you're eating. In case you didn't know, you can adjust those settings. Some people prefer to keep the information private, others of us like to have everything public so people can compare notes and offer suggestions.

Again, welcome and glad to have you aboard.


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BRIANMCD - 12:34PM UTC, Sep 22nd 2012

Indianapolis, IN

Hi guys, been a member of CK since Sep 10th, and just realized I should introduce myself. :hi:

My name is Brian, or my friends call me Big Daddy, maybe in 2 years you can call me Skinny Daddy. I use to be a soda (pop) drinker, but now, I try to drink mostly water. I have been married for 17 lovely years, and have 4 wonderful children ages 6-13. When I got married my weight was 210 lb, and when I started the CK program I was 392 lb. Since I have been on the diet I have lost 16 lbs in 2 weeks.

We all have a long journey a head of us. LetÂ’s keep motivating one another, pushing to lose that 1 extra pound, and to walk that extra mile. :thumbu2:

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TMOORE1 - 7:00PM UTC, Sep 19th 2012


Tom - I work (I teach) so it'll have to be on the weekends.
Wait - maybe we should take this to a new thread, out of the "introduce yourself" thread.

"I can do it. I will do it."

HIKINGAZ - 5:28PM UTC, Sep 17th 2012

I'm up for a hiking meet-up...anyone else in Tucson?

DRAGONGIRL - 8:05PM UTC, Sep 16th 2012

West Chester PA

Hi, I'm again new to ck. still have the same weight to lose, over 100 pounds. very quickly I un-motivate myself. On Jan 1 2012 I retired. While I am very happy to be retired I am feeling somewhat lost. At first my grown kids kept me busy but gradually I am more and more on my own. Scary. I feel like I should be busy every minute of the day however I'm not. I avoid doing stuff.

Last week I started two 10 week courses at Widener U, Lifelong Learning courses, watercolor painting for beginners and a Literature discussion class. For many years I have belonged to a wonderful gym, ACAC and I go to Longwood Gardens once a week. I live close to LG. Because of my weight and spinal stenosis I use an electric scooter when I go to LG. This upsets me to use a scooter and this past week I have started using a cane to walk.

I find it scary to lose weight. I can rationalize why losing weight is good - healthy, looking better, I'll be able to fit into clothes. but I seem to refuse to allow myself to lose weight, I try to avoid mirrors, I don't seem to have high expectations for myself. DragonGirl

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TMOORE1 - 5:00PM UTC, Sep 14th 2012


Tom, I think you meant to address the comment about biking to me, Toni, not Tootsie.
Tom, Toni, Tootsie... a lot of T's going on here! :-)

I *love* to bike. It's the only form of exercise I do that I actually like. I ride a recumbent that my husband built. I don't think I'll get on a traditional bike - with those little teeny painful seats - ever again. And as to the heat; I start reeeeealy early in the morning this time of year. 'Couple more weeks though, and it's civilized to be out later.

I walk a lot too. Slowly. Meeting up for a hike sounds like a great idea. Are there any other Tucson CK's around?


"I can do it. I will do it."

HIKINGAZ - 9:33PM UTC, Sep 13th 2012

Hi Tootsie!

I tried biking in Tucson...gasp. Didn't work out for me.

I hike a lot, when it's not summer. Maybe we can meet up for a hike? :-) I have recently started playing on a rec volleyball league, and I actually like going to the gym (so long as I have my iPod).


TMOORE1 - 5:57PM UTC, Sep 13th 2012


Tootsie - I can't even imagine what it must've been like to live in NYC on 9/11. Glad you and yours were all okay.

FYI, I'm a high school teacher and my students, 16 year-olds mostly, requested (on their own) to have a moment of silence on Tuesday. Even though they were all little kids when it happened, the day is still meaningful to them.

I'm not diabetic (yet... that's one of the reasons I got on the weight-loss journey; it runs in the family) and so I don't quite understand the "carb counting" thing. Can somebody explain it? Maybe start a new thread about it?


"I can do it. I will do it."

TMOORE1 - 5:54PM UTC, Sep 13th 2012


Hey Tom - I'm in Tucson Arizona too! I worked at the U for many years.
What do you do for exercise? Maybe we can get together for a bike ride or something?


"I can do it. I will do it."

TOOTSIE45 - 12:36PM UTC, Sep 11th 2012

Long Island, NY

Thanks for the welcome Toni and congrats on your weight loss. We are human so we have to accept that there will be highs and lows. I got off to a shaky start but OK for today. As a diabetic and counting carbs, I love the food diary. I realize that I was having more carbs than my body can handle. It is great to see it all broken down into numbers and %.

I have lived on Long Island for most of my life, and love it. Today being 9/11 however I was reminded that my daughter lived in the Chelsea area of the city, right above 14th st. and I could'nt get in touch with her for hours and then we heard all bridges and tunnels were closed. When we finally got thru to her she managed to get home from work, she had to walk but they were allowed in their apartment, authorities had closed every thing from 14th st down to the battery.

Anyway, I will choose to have a goodd day today, it's a most beautiful day and it's good to be alive.


TMOORE1 - 5:41PM UTC, Sep 10th 2012


Hi Tootsie!

Do you really live on Long Island? What a cool & exciting place.

I want to let you know that it CAN be done. I've been backsliding lately, but if you measure from my all-time high weight, about 3 years ago, to now, I've lost 130 pounds. I must've been much bigger than you to begin with, because I still around 80 to go.

If I can do it, you can too.

As a lot of people around here have mentioned, try not to get overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. Just focus on what you can do, what you can do today. Make today a good day.

Welcome to the group,


"I can do it. I will do it."