Just joined CK and Group!

RODEOROBIN - 9:36PM UTC, Apr 5th 2010

I just joined CK last week and my goal is to faithfully fill in my food diary regardless of what I eat. I have 120 lbs to loose which seems IMPOSSIBLE and that is why I was excited to see there was a group for people like me!

For the month of April I am setting a very realistic & attainable goal and that is to fill out my food diary and to try to eat 1800 calories or less. In the last few days I have already subconsciously made better choices just by seeing my food diary in "print"!

My goal next month is to add exercise to my plan. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew (ha ha) because then I will get discouraged and stop everything.

Any encouragement or advice would be welcomed! I look forward to reading your stories!


TJENS1 - 1:14PM UTC, Apr 13th 2010

Southern California


HW 374 10/2009
CKSW 347 12/2009
CW 318
IG 299
GW 181