TOOTSIE45 - 11:21AM UTC, Sep 18th 2012

Long Island, NY

while I don't weigh in until Thurday, I know this is working. I stopped taking my BS testing when I work up because the numbers were always in the 200-215 range and during the day they would be 170-180. I had tried going vegan for a month, atkins for another month but nothing was changing. Finally decided to join CK. I upped my carbs a bit to 50-75 but usually in the 50-60 range and calories to 1300. This morning, I decided to take my BS when I woke up and it was 147. It is coming down and I am so happy. what a great motivator.

It is cloudy right now with the threat of heavy rain and wind this afternoon but this just put the sunshine in my day.


TICINO - 2:23PM UTC, Sep 18th 2012

Sacramento, California Area

CONGRATS Tootsie!! :clap: That's great news!! What a great motivator for you!! Keep up the great work!!


SW = 323.2 as of April 23, 2012
CW = 315.2
GW = 160

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