So desparate

JILLBABYBARTOW - 5:12PM UTC, Apr 26th 2011

Hey everyone! Ive been looking around for something to help me shed my baby weight and all of the weight I have put on through emotional eating- I lost my son when he was 27 days old and I have found comfort in food. Im now the heaviest I have EVER been, tho I am a larger lady (and proud of it!). The past 6 months have been the most trying time of my life- anyone have any advice or similar experiences (misery loves company after all)....have a blessed day!

TMOORE1 - 3:43PM UTC, May 6th 2012


Hi Tina!

I'm not Jerry, but the thread you've posted to is an old one. So I'm not sure if Terry is still reading it or not. I see you're new to CK, so I thought I'd help you with the question.
"Pound a Week" challenges are long discussion threads, found in another area of the site. From the top of your page, choose "COMMUNITY" then slide down to forums. Click on that, and you'll be taken to another page that lists the different kinds of forums. One of those is "Member Challenges". Go there and search around for the Pound a Week. It's a fun thread.

Let me also welcome you to the 100+ group! While you're here, pop over to the "introduce yourself" thread and say hello to everybody. Lots of nice people here, with a lot of helpful information.

Get involved, share, and learn. Nice to meet you.


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TUBBSTINA - 3:56PM UTC, May 5th 2012


Hi Jerry!

What is the pound a week challenge? and where can I find info for it?

AVIARA - 8:13PM UTC, May 3rd 2011

Hi Debra:

I'm new here ....I liked your comments to Jill. Having someone or some place to go is so important in this journey. Years ago I was very successful in WW and attributed that to going and weighing in every week and tracking in a diary. I'm not sure if doing this struggle online will be as successful, but am willing to give it a everything else has proved frustrating. I have a lot to lose this time, so am trying not to focus too much on that BIG number! Seeing the balance(?) of carbs./proteins/fat/fibre at the end of the day is certainly an eye opener, and very helpful and surprising!

I think women always try to be perfect at everything we do, and are way too hard on ourselves....we must try to 'lighten' up....(excuse the pun!)

Maybe I'll 'see' you soon ...thanks Debra.....(p.s. the name under your pic says Katy)

DGARDNER61 - 7:08PM UTC, May 3rd 2011

Katy, TX

Hi Jill - I'm sorry for you loss- and though I've never had a child, I do eat for all the wrong reasons. I've been on Calorie King for 9 months or so.. and at 1st I was a real "tracker" - tracked it all everyday good or bad - even if I went over my daily calories -- that went on for a few months - with little weight loss - I was just trying to journal - which I have never done in my life - and of course I've been heavy all my life. Then I got lax with it -- and would skip for weeks - and then I'd go see a Dr. or my dietician and resolve to get back on it and I would. I guess it's this: you won't do Calorie King perfectly - you won't eat perfectly every day. Consistency isn't about being perfect day in and out - but that when you are lax, you consistently get back to it. I usually eat badly 90% of the time and am good 10% of the time; to reverse that and be good 90% of the time doesn't happen overnight - it's not like throwing a switch. So - don't be hard on yourself - just try... and I have to say having someplace to go and be accountable - either a Dr., or Weight Watchers - where you get some 1 on 1 feedback has really helped me a lot... I see a dietician every 3 months - and I've never done that before - and she's the one that got me on Calorie King - and it's helped - it's coming off very slowly this time - but I am trying to learn - and I'm done with beating myself up for not being perfect - it's not a diet - it's your life -and you aren't perfect in anything in life -why do we think we should be with our eating? Take care - be good to yourself - forgive your mistakes - and just keep at it!

It is a journey - with lots of little steps...


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JERRYD - 2:44AM UTC, May 3rd 2011 View users public diary

Ripon, Calif.

Get on the pound a week challenge

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4ANEWME - 11:35AM UTC, Apr 27th 2011

Hi Jill,
So sorry to hear of your loss. 20 years ago I lost my son at 37 weeks gestation. I love babies so I find peace in knowing I have one waiting for me in heaven.

I too am desperate. This Friday will be one year since I joined Calorie King. It also marks my 22nd wedding anniversary. I weigh more now than I did when I first joined. I never took time this year to really use the tools given to me here. I want to start fresh and not waste another year of my life. I know Calorie King will help me get to where I want to be. My motto to get me thru.....Believe in the Journey.....

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