Weekly Thread for week of 9/24/12

TICINO - 4:50PM UTC, Sep 24th 2012

Sacramento, California Area

Well, Happy Monday!! So, how'd did everyone do on their 3 goals? I did better in some areas, and not so well in others. It could have been worse, but I gained 0.4lbs.!

Here's my excuse - I'm in the process of expanding my practice, and at the moment it's just me (I have people waiting in the wings to be hired, once the bank stuff is all finished up). There is a lot to do paperwork wise, organizing, moving, etc. and oh still see my current patients.

I was doing well with the water and light meals at the end of the day, until Friday. This weekend just got busy and I didn't plan very well. So it was late nights of getting things done on the computer, preparing for having to move my office (to a temporary office until I can get things ready at the future office space as it wasn't ready before the current lease expires on 9/30.) and that lack of sleep triggered my sugar cravings to keep my energy up. Ugh! I gave in but I didn't go all out like I used to, so I guess that's a positive.

So, here I am working again on my same 3 basic goals.
1. Drink lots of water
2. Get to bed earlier
3. Eat lighter meal at the end of the day.

What are your 3 Health Goals for the Week?
How did you do this last week?
What did you learn about yourself?

I wish everyone a great week!

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DGARDNER61 - 2:21PM UTC, Sep 27th 2012

Katy, TX

Hi Suzanne-
I was just checking out this group postings and saw this - I really like the idea of focusing on a few weekly goals - just healthy habits to help you have a good week. I haven't tracked much this last month - went on vacation - and then the next 2 weeks just didn't track on CK. So I'm up 5 lbs and back to tracking. So my goal for this workweek is mainly to track everyday and work hard to stay near my target ranges - and to track on Sat and Sun (which I have never done on a regular basis). But I am going to add drinking more water too - as this is a chronic problem with me!

I saw a Dr. Oz episode that said it's best to go to bed a little hungry - so eating lighter at night is a great habit too!

Have a great week - what's left of it!:hi:


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