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KRIS000 - 1:40PM UTC, Aug 5th 2010

Good morning~ I need to get serious about dropping 100 lbs. I'm nearing 50 and don't want to spend the rest of my life as a blob. I'm tired of obsessing over food/fat. No more negative thoughts - that is my aim. I am looking for someone to travel this road with me. That includes daily trips to the computer to log food and just really being accountable. I'm not the best when it comes to exercise. Sometimes I need a good push. So, if there are any challenges out there I am ready! I look forward to reading all the posts and getting to know you guys. Have a great day!

KRIS000 - 12:00PM UTC, Oct 14th 2010

Hello Nancy,
Thanks for the reply and your insight. I will have to check in on the challenge you mentioned. Maybe I can do the next one. I do actually do much better if I come here every day. Yes, you ladies are right about the old-dog-new-tricks syndrome -- bad thinking habits are hard to break. I'm working on it though. It's such a slow process. I hope it doesn't take too long. I've got a life I want to live and live right!

Dianne - How are you doing? Are you de-stressing yourself?

NIGHTOWL - 7:18AM UTC, Sep 28th 2010


I can totally relate to your situation. I'm 45 yo and have been battling weight for my entire life. It's a tough struggle. I've been on every program out there, but this is the first program I've found that really feels like it will work for the long haul. I re-started in mid-August after almost a year of sporadic attempts to follow the program. Health issues and a work incentive program stimulated me to start again. This time I'm making a better effort to really follow the program and find that it really does work. I joined the September challenge this month in one of the other forums and that has REALLY helped me to keep my focus. It's that accountability thing -- exactly what you were trying to find in your first message. I do my best to start each day as a fresh new start -- try to make the best choices possible and forgive myself if I slip here or there. I'm learning which foods are my worst triggers and I do my best to keep away from them. Diane is so right -- it takes a long time to change old habits, especially the ones locked in our heads!!


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Glad to hear your working on your positive thoughts. I have been struggling the last few weeks because of work stress. I am going to try to get positive about my work and see if that helps. It is such a long slow process to change how you think. I think I will be working on it til my dying day.

KRIS000 - 2:31PM UTC, Sep 10th 2010

Dianne, I think it is wonderful that you have come to that kind place. I do try to keep the negative thoughts at bay. Most times by the time I realize I am doing it the damage is done. So, the first step for me is to realize when I first begin doing it. It's something that I am working at and know in time it will work just as it is working so beautifully for you! It's taken me a lifetime to perfect my own sabotages. I see it just as a cult works. After a while you start believing all that crap that is spewed out in your own little mind. I'm working on it though!!!!!!!!! ;)

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Kris000 - OH, Ive been there for a long time myself.... maybe my entire life. I couldn't find it in me to lose weight. I never felt good about myself. I don't know exactly how I changed, but I have. I fixed my self esteem and now I feel good about myself and my world. It may seem silly, but I use positive affirmations and tell myself positive things. I tell myself it will all work out. I tell myself that the world is on my side. I tell myself that my husband, children & others love and care about me. I tell myself that I love myself. When a negative thought comes into my head I immediately counteract it with a positive one. I talk back to that voice inside of my head. I decide to be positive. I decide to not let my emotions rule me. I realized that food wasn't a cure for my low self esteem, only positive thinking.

KRIS000 - 1:54PM UTC, Aug 23rd 2010

Hi Diane - Thanks for the reply. You are right. I KNOW you are right. I can answer all your questions and then some. I can even picture myself thin at the end of the road. I really can. I just wish I can stay on the path to the thin-self I see way down there at the end of the road. I take full responsibility for everything in my life - even my weight. But I just can't dig deep enough in myself to figure out why I do what I do. Uggh... so I keep trying.

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Hmmm................ I thought I needed someone to be accountable to also. But then I found out that I have the power!!!! Don't give your power away to anyone else. Take full responsibility for your self! Only you can do this. Only you can want this. Why do you want this? How are you going to feel when you lose the weight????? Will you feel healthier? Will you be less winded? Will you be able to move easier? Will you be able to play with your children or grandchildren? Will you be able to ride your bike? Will you be able to fit into beautiful clothes? How will you feel? Concentrate on that. Make those things your goals.


KRIS000 - 10:28AM UTC, Aug 6th 2010

Thanks Amanda! You are quite the inspiration in the weight you've lost. Ohhh... I could only hope for this. I look forward to trying to keep up with you. :)

AKFANN - 2:29AM UTC, Aug 6th 2010

Southeast Georgia

:wave1: Welcome to the CK family! I've lost 55 pounds and still have over 100 pounds left to go. CK is a great place to connect all of the dots and finally get healthy. Good luck!!


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