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Hi all,
I joined one day ago and like the ease of online journling. Every weight loss attempt I've had in the past was much more successful if I wrote it all down (even the cheats). I'm 51 and fat since age 10 and did WW for the first time at age 12 but have never been down near goal weight since then. I always quit early or got disgusted with the process. I love food (but hate cooking) and have to concede that I have to give up my love and turn that into love of life and freedom (to do those things that fat prevents). I work insane hours (easily 80+/week) which only makes the bad habits harder to manage. I do little except work, sleep and eat and was recently diagnosed with diabetes (no surprise there since have been pre-diabetic for many years as most of us are who are 100+ lbs overweight). I'm also considering lapband surgery (my insurance covers it, no problem there), but I'm still too stubborn to let myself use forced constriction as weight control. If I haven't been able to buckle down and DO IT in 40 years why do I think I will succeed this time?

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Hi Deb! Don't beat yourself up to badly! You are in the right place. CK works!! Just use the tools including the forums and you will see the changes add up. Remember that gaining weight and learning bad habits did not happen overnight and they will not go away overnight. This is a long process when we have so much weight to lose. But keep in mind, that you can either not do anything and celebrate your next birthday (God willing) with the weight or put forth the daily effort and have a healthier body to show for it. Keep your goals updated and review them frequently to keep your fire fueled. And remember to be kind to yourself. Who knows, with the healthier lifestyle you might lose that diabetic status as well. I wish you well on your journey to a healthier you! We CAN do this!!


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A New Life is my daily saying. "It's a new life for me" from the song "Feeling Good". I really do feel like I am going on a trip to a new life. I am being positive and have more energy and can actually see myself in a better place in the future.

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I'm in the same boat as you guys. I had my weight on for 20 years or more and I have a lot to lose. I lost about 15 pounds at WW a couple of years ago, but that came right back on.

I have spent the last 5 years in therapy and finally am learning to love myself more that food. Food was the only love of my life for a long time, even though I have a family. I just didn't love myself. I told my therapist that I wasn't going to quit coming until I lost my weight. So, she's stuck with me either until I lose the weight or die!!!

I have been following the calorie king plan now for 3 1/2 weeks. Lost 7.5 lbs so far. I just keep telling myself that I have the power over myself. No one else has the power to do this for me.

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i'm in exactly the same place 51 & considerably over weight still after losing 70 lbs already!! i have at least another 75 to go & it is a long slow process......with calorie king & just a little accountability we CAN do this!! :y: i also considered bypass or banding but couldn't stand the thought that i wd cut my body open rather than just saying no!!! :nono2: after having both hips replaced in the last 10 months it just wasn't for me!! enuff is enuff & those hips would have lasted alot longer arthritis or not if i had just been even a reasonable weight for my frame!! :cry4: one day at a time we can control how much we eat....i say how much since i have found we all can eat wat we want mayb just not the quantity we r use 2 or as often!! :eyebrows: never say never is my motto!! it just seems to make me want something that much more!! :bang: lol!! this must b the age of awakening for many of us here & i kno u both can do this!! ur here aren't u???? best of luck to u both!!!
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Because we are getting to the point where we won't get another chance to do this. My story is a lot like yours. Overweight my whole life. Was able to get to 330 a couple of years ago, but gained it back after an injury. Now, I feel like this is my last chance to really change my life. I look at my family and friends and know that I want to be around them a long time. I work insane hours, also. Probably near the 80 like yourself. I have been taking 10-20 minute walks during lunch and eating at my desk. I have forced myself to walk at night even if it is for a short time. It all adds up. Good luck. We WILL do this.