Any college kids out there?

BLAKELEO - 2:30AM UTC, Feb 17th 2012


Is anyone else having problems with alcohol calories or eating out?

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MVESTER24 - 6:10PM UTC, Jan 28th 2013


I have a terrible problem with drinking over my cals! When I go to parties I try to drink mgd 64 or flavored water with vodka. When I go to bars I try to drink vodka with diet club soda. Trying to cut out drinking until I can have the will power to stop myself.

RSUSAN98 - 6:23PM UTC, Feb 27th 2012 View users public blog View users public diary


I have a problem with eating out. I try to plan when Im going to eat out and look for the nutritional info online before I go. It helps me plan and make better choices.