Just Starting, But Going Strong!

JAMIE221981 - 9:58PM UTC, Jul 22nd 2010

Hello to all. My name is Jamie, 29 years of age and just started this Clalorie LifeStyle as of 3 days ago. I am actually on day 3 and have lost over 3lbs. Granted I just got done with my monthly visitor. But it is getting me pumped. I got married a little over a year ago and quickly gained 3 pant sizes going on my 4th! That is why I finally decided to join and get ahead before it gets too out of control. But anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself to the group and say hello. Hope all is having a great day!

THATONESTUDENT - 5:35PM UTC, Jul 26th 2010


Happy to have you here! Welcome and keep up the good work!

ADRIENNEJ02 - 5:04PM UTC, Jul 26th 2010

Atlanta, GA

welcome - keep up the great work!!