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MSGM85 - 12:34AM UTC, May 4th 2010

I am starting this program , I move out from my house to another city to live alone for the first time and I star to gain 2 lb each month , my jeans didn't fit me anymore so I decide it was time to do something before I gain more weight ( I gain 16 lb in 7 months). I hope I can get your support.

DARLINGBEE2 - 5:54AM UTC, Jun 9th 2010


Hey! I'm new too! We can be accountability buddies or something. :]

MAMACITAMGN - 8:59PM UTC, May 21st 2010


Hello. I'm new too, and if I know anything it is that having support is crucial. Kobee, what are those numbers at the bottom of your message? Is it high weight, current, goal, etc? Do you manually type those in or get them to prepopulate, like a signature? Thanks!

KOBEE - 1:11AM UTC, May 10th 2010


Welcome to CK! :clap:

It is crazy how easy it is too gain weight! I find a lot of support on the forums! -K

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