Weight Loss Journeys

JUSTMARRIED10 - 3:51PM UTC, Nov 7th 2010


We've all had successes and some failures in our weight loss journeys. Maybe some of us have been at healthy weight most of our lives, and some of us have been heavy all of our lives. I wanted to share my weight, and how I've gone up and down though the years. Some retrospective reflection can be helpful to identify external factors in our lives that affected our weight.
I maintained a weight between ~137 and ~143 after graduating high school and throughout most of college. I jumped up to nearly 160 in my last semester of college. The year after graduation I lost it all and got down to between 130 and 135. Then grad school kicked in and I was up to 150. Then I finished grad school and got back down to 135-140 in 2009. This year I moved across country, planned a wedding (in neither city where I was living nor where I was moving to), changed jobs, experienced the death of a family member, and got married. So, big surprise, the weight is back up!
I think what I have learned from my journey is that there's always stress somewhere in my life. It is part of life-every day, every year, in any city I live in. Having control of my eating needs to be independent of the stressors.
I encourage you all to share your journeys as well. What was going on for you to gain the weight? When you were successful with losing, what was going on at that time? Were your efforts to lose weight healthy ones? What do you see in the future being a hindrance to your weight loss? Share!

OLYMPE - 8:01AM UTC, Jan 8th 2011

San Francisco

Hi JustMarried10,

I got married 6 months ago and I'm more or less in the same weight range as you. We should support each other!!
I'm 122 lbs, and I fluctuate between 116 lbs (my goal) and 123 lbs. I'm more often around 122 lbs. A couple years earlier I was at 110 but I feel that it was still my teenage weight. Now that I'm 26, I wouldn't want to be under 115.

I rarely exercise. I work 9-5 at the office every day and I'm beat when I come home. On weekends, I usually use the bad San Francisco weather as an excuse to not go out for a run.

Stress does make me eat, but I eat most of my calories at night, after diner: cookie time.
My husband tends to work at night, and even if it's from home, I'm pretty bored while he's on his computer. So I eat cookies and waste time on Facebook and other websites.

CalorieKing's forums (if not their weight loss tools) will help me because they keep me busy writing. And you can't really write about weight loss with a pint of ice cream on the side table.

Or maybe you can?