Why does bad food have to taste so good!!!

RPASKOFF - 1:10AM UTC, Oct 24th 2010


ugh....I've been so determined, but the good foods always get in my way. I just love fast food and everything thats really yummy. I have been getting diet meals delivered to the house; however, i cheat sometimes just because i'm craving some junk food. I think having another person in the house that doesn't need to diet is hard. While they are eating anything they want I feel sad that I can't. BUT!! Today I really want to stay determined and not let anything stop me from losing this weight!!! Also, I'm scared once i stop the diet meals I won't know what to cook or buy and i'll want to settle for fast food. This is gonna be hard!:bang:

SUNSHINE049 - 10:25PM UTC, Mar 4th 2011

Hi there! First thing: I believe sodium and sugar may be addictive substances! I used to LOOOOVE cheese fries, and now I do not even WANT them. Not at ALL. In fact, I don't even want ANYTHING fried. I'd have to be absolutely starving and that be the only thing available. I promise that if you stick with it for awhile, those cravings WILL go away.

And please know that fast food CAN be healthy! Most fast food joints are offering a lot of healthy options, like grilled chicken sandwiches and fruit cups. Just make sure you nix the mayo or whatever else they might slap on there. Fast food salads can be great too... just beware of things like croutons, crispy noodles, and dressing. I like to pour the dressing out on the SIDE and dip the tips of my fork in it before each bite. You get just a LITTLE dressing in every bite and you end up using much much less.

And remember that you CAN eat ANYTHING you want... in small portions. Craving french fries? Get a junior fry and a chicken salad. Dying for a burger? Get just a single burger or cheeseburger, but get a fruit cup instead of fries. Don't know about McDonald's sides, but Wendy's has mandarin oranges that are really good.

If you're craving pizza, get pizza! Just have a slice or two at the most - and a salad. Or better yet - lean cuisine pizzas are really delicious!

Come up with at-home cooking alternatives that you like. You can find healthy alternative recipes for just about anything online.

JUSTMARRIED10 - 3:12PM UTC, Nov 7th 2010


Yes! I agree with Mister above. You really have to learn how to deal with making the right choices in the long run. Not saying "I'm on a diet", but "I have changed my lifestyle and eating habits for good"

MISTERGODFATHER - 3:20AM UTC, Oct 26th 2010

St. Paul, MN

Getting meals delivered to you house is nice in the short run, but sooner or later you are going to have to stop getting them. I mean....it is not like you are going to be eating delivered meals for the rest of your life. It would be in your best interest to use the delivered meals for a little while, and then wean yourself of of them by incorporating your own meals. I had a friend who lost 40 pounds with Jenny Craig eating nothing but delivered meals, but as soon as she quit the program, all the weight came back. 2/3 of the battle is being able to make the right food decisions in everyday life, the other 1/3 is the necessary exercise.