Rosalie miracle update

KRISTINEFREDRIKA - 5:33PM UTC, Aug 19th 2013


******Ladies the first hurdle has been cleared. Rosalie just called me. our boss said YES!!!!

the second hurdle: Rosalie has to go see her new boss tomorrow or the next day with the other babysitter and see if they will hire her instead of Rosalie.

The other sitter (Marlène ) has a University degree and 26 yrs of experience...good, but the only problem could be that they won't offer her an attractive salary. They didn't have to pay Rosalie as much because she didn't have her degree...

Here is the prayer....

Lord, thank you for this second miracle that our boss has said yes! Thank you for the first miracle that we met up with Marlene last week even though we had planned to go to a totally different park...

Father, we're waiting for the third miracle that the new daycare in town wants to hire Marlène instead of Rosalie...Lord, all things are possible with you...I told Rosalie this morning that I asked everyone I knew to pray...Lord, please show Rosalie Your GLory...I know you can do it...but she doesn't yet...

Lord, please, for Rosalie, and for me!

Lord thank you for this display of greatness!


Victory = series of right choices....

Nothing tastes as good as Peace feels!

God bless you and yours!
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