verse and prayers for THursday Aug 15

KRISTINEFREDRIKA - 10:39AM UTC, Aug 15th 2013


Have I told you ladies which verse I chose for our ladies' breakfasts this year?

Proverbs 18:10
The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

this particular verse has helped me many times. We can always count on HIs help…we ask and He is right there…even when we can't ask…He sees, and provides :)

Steph…oof…seems like so much trouble dealing with renters…sold by xmas…that's the prayer?

Erika: I always thought it was a quote because we hear it so often…in my mind it's like Beam me up Scotty (apparently Kirk never said that---Trek fan here ) :)
I totally get you for school. I have always disliked sending my kids back…it's like sending them to wolves…I dislike school even more the last couple of years because of how it is with Oli…
Start reading a good Christian book on the first day of school. Pray over them before they leave, then make your self a good coffee, or sit down at Starbucks and start reading something inspirational. I have 3 queued in my audible account. The one I've just stared is: The Search for Significance by Robert S. McGee. It's the book we are going to run through with our support group starting in September. We can read it together if you like? we can do a mini book club. (open to Annette and Steph of course). I keep thinking of that sidewalk poem. If you know September gets you you gotta go down a different road this year :) I wish I could give you a hug Erika :)

Annette: So many things...Lord, please bless Annette's dd in the testing today...Father, equip the school and her parents to help and guide her...
Going for a coffee with a friend is just the thing I would do if I was home. My daycare colleague (whom we have prayed for in the past*Rosalie*) has to give up her private daycare and go work at one of the big daycares in I lose my morning walk partner...that's going to be difficult...your motherwise group sounds great. We don't really have anything like that around here :(

Father, bless these ladies...thank you for this kind, warm place that you have provided :)

Victory = series of right choices....

Nothing tastes as good as Peace feels!

God bless you and yours!
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DISCIPLINEDMAMA - 3:08PM UTC, Aug 15th 2013

Good morning ladies:),

I tod my husband that I am just feeling kind of lost right now and he reminded me that the steps we are taking are in getting us found:y:. My aunt called about the reunion yesterday plus I talked to my dad....I know this is the source of he I am feeling, my lost feeling....wishing and praying for God's healing...and for what the prayer women told me monts ago, or this situation to sharpen me in many directions, reflecting light in many a diamond. Lord, please heal this situation, mostly for my kids and future directions, but also for my dad, hubby, extended family...please take this ugly mess and fix any errors I may be a part of and remove the confusion clouding my step people's vision of you, may your grace flow abundantly for your glory...strengthening us in your name, amen.

I need to be hopeful:).

Erika- another part of my back to school plan is me walking and doing water aerobics regularly....but, not over doing it:). Hopefully scrap booking. Do you have anything you look to do when the kids and hubby are in school?


Kris--prayers tht our kids will thrive at a mellow pace this year....without anxiety:love:

ERIKAYAMAN - 2:04PM UTC, Aug 15th 2013

South Carolina

Kris--- I have scheduled a starbucks after drop off with a friend the second day of school! Great minds think alike!!!:P:P-- (another quote--who knows where it is from??)
I will look into that book! Thanks.

I pray for all three of you ladies and your teenagers. I don't have those issues yet, I still have younger kiddos....but I understand worries over kids....I continue to pray for all of your kids hearts and YOURS as you go through the letting go more and more phase....

Great verses today. Thanks for sharing them!!!!!


STEPHDREED - 1:06PM UTC, Aug 15th 2013


Good Morning,

Felt good this morning about things accomplished yesterday. I made it to my strength training class and I cut up wood and got everything I cut all stacked up. Making progress for sure. I think I have about 2-3 more days of cutting up wood then my DH will have to do the rest and as for one piece I will have to pay to have it cut up. Prayed on the way in to work today. Feel like we are kind of under attack right now.

Youngest is wanting to run and hang out with her boyfriend and has been in tears several times over the way he is treating her. I pray for my husband to have the backbone to stand up to her and that he knows the correct thing to do. I kind of feel helpless with her and the way she is growing up we are growing farther apart. I think the oldest is doing well. I haven't heard anything.

Annette, just said a prayer for your daughter's testing.
Erika, praying that you find something fun to fill your days.
Kris, Yes having a renter is a pain. I do pray that she can buy the house by Christmas but it sounds like since it is just her she may have trouble just paying the rent. She did say she will have the full amount for this month on Friday.

2Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.

Have a blessed day:wave1: