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KRISTINEFREDRIKA - 10:32AM UTC, Jun 18th 2013


**Good morn sisters!

Ladies, I was very disappointed…Oli promised me he would study…when I asked if he had his stuff for science he didn't even have his papers…I go out of my way to get study notes for him from a friend and the argument started…I tried to copy the notes and all of a sudden my printer wouldn't work at all! It has never done that before! I always get low ink messages first.

I really think God is telling me to let go and LET HIM work on Oli. I can't anymore. I'm too tired. I think He just wants me to step back and stop trying to control everything. Father…it's so hard. I'm afraid that if I don't push that HE will fail…Lord, it's as if I'm afraid to leave him in your hands. I think that is why my printer is not working…I guess I need to be hit over the head with something before I learn. After all this happened I went for a good long walk with my dh and put things in perspective. We both agree we have to let Oli make his mistakes and assume the consequences.
When I got home Oli was apologizing and said he had studied...we'll see. One more day for him tomorrow.

I really need this verse:
Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. 2 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. 3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.

Oli passing or not is totally in the relm of things of this world. Lord, I think I pray for his grades more than his relationship with you. Father, I need to step back and not fret over this anymore.

Lord, thank you for letting Steph be aware that you put Raymond on her path. Father we ask that you give her words, or just a listening ear at the right moment that Raymond may see Your goodness through Your children. Father…every time we deal with someone who doesn't know you, let us be aware…provide the words and make us responsive to your spirit. We thank you for lessening the conflict with Steph's renters. Thank You Lord for the peace you provide your children. Thank you for the new friend you have given her…how precious it is to have someone who knows you close to us.
Lord we ask for your grace for Erika...your constant presence when she feels pain. We ask you Lord to relieve her pain and give her family closure with worker's comp. Thank You Father for the work you have started with her and the new Lawyer.

that being said...let's have a great day ladies!


Victory = series of right choices....

Nothing tastes as good as Peace feels!

God bless you and yours!
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STEPHDREED - 4:04PM UTC, Jun 18th 2013


Good Morning,

Kris I know exactly what you mean about letting go and letting them face the consequences. Had a long talk with the youngest. It was a good one. It gave me a really good forum to share my believes and thoughts about the situation. She is the one that reminds me of myself when I was her age. Which is not always a good thing.

Raymond was still very sick yesterday. He was going to come down and work anyway but I told him not too and to just wait until he gets to feeling better.

The mine that my husband works at is getting ready to shut down sometime this next year, maybe even before the year is out. He doesn't deal well with change and I can tell he is really upset about not knowing what will happen with his job. He feels that maybe he should be doing something else but he loves what he does also. Running the equipment is really hard on your body and over time I am sure it will take it's toll. His two biggest fears is having no job to go to when the mine closes and having to take a job on night shift.

Erika, I can relate to dealing with emotional eating and drinking. I have been totally out of control lately on the eating. Today, I at least plan to write it all down....Yesterday I was like I really do not care.

Going to Transitions to see what they have to say about my hair today at 4:45.

Prayer just sent up for Kris for Oli and his studies and for your family:love:

Prayer just sent up for Erika for relief from pain, and for favor in her suit for compensation.:love:

Farewell and have a blessed day:angel4:

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ERIKAYAMAN - 3:09PM UTC, Jun 18th 2013

South Carolina

Good morning ya'll. I am back from the in-laws/beach.
I just read up on what I missed.

I love the verses both of you posted yesterday and also todays.

Yes, I often worry to much about things of this world....It is our sinful nature, and the more we recognize it and keep repenting the more He draws us closer to him.

Karen--I think God has been working on you with this Oli thing. I am so glad you and your hubbie had a long walk and are on the same page. LEtting Go and Letting GOD is impossible on our own, only through God's GRACE can you actually accomplish this. I think you hit the nail on the head, you need to pray most for his relationship with God, and secondly for grades, and other "stuff".
I have been praying for him all weekend, actually spent a good bit of time on it yesterday while I was sitting on the beach. He was on my heart yesterday.(Monday)

Dear God, would you continue to work on Karen and DH to LET GO and LET GOD-let you have Oli and TRUST what you do with Him. Father you gave Oli to them to steward, to guide...May you open their hearts and minds to know your will, to know where to push, where to guide, where to back off. Its HARD, its impossible actually on our own-may you give them the GRACE and PEACE that can only come from you-whatever the outcome tomorrow...we know your will WILL BE DONE, may you give Karen the words, the guidance from you to deal with either outcome, and to support Oli as you would direct....Open her Heart that she may feel and hear your guidance more and more in this.
Thank you for Steph and he heart for service. May you open her heart that she may feel and hear your guidance with Raymond and with all that is going on family wise, and even in her budding relationship with a new friend.

--I have gone 6 days no without any wine at night, and without eating emotionally in evening. I feel proud. I know God is granting me the strength to do it. I am so very thankful. He has not taken the pain, but He has granted me better control with my eating and with not reaching for wine as a crutch for pain, even when others around me are having a glass.....