I just bought a new bike!

TRESOHLALA - 8:59PM UTC, Jul 23rd 2010 View users public diary


Woo hoo! Super excited about this! Check out my blog on my new Scattante Elite Carbon bike!



SW: 226
Personal Triathlon Challenge SW: 221
50 x 11 Challenge SW: 218.4
CW: 213.4
GW: 165

Tri Challenge = $84 for Children's Hospital of LA

SCOTTSCHELB - 3:55AM UTC, Jan 26th 2011

Ventura, CA

I just dusted off my Motobecane!!! I live in So. Cal, and I have no excuse to not be hitting some of the local mountain trails. There are MANY to choose from :)

HW = 247
CK Starting Weight = 247
CW = 235 as of Jan 14, 2011 (I was as low as 222 in May 2010!)
January Goal: 228
GW = 199

MDONNELLY - 6:47PM UTC, Aug 11th 2010

It works!

Just found this group--I've been wondering if there were other riders here at CK--
Fabulous new bike! I'm riding a 20 year old Schwinn right now, just started back riding a couple of months ago and I've LOVING it.
I'm starting to look at bikes now . . . .I like the looks of the Raleigh . . .shoot, can't remember the model right now. I'll have to look it up.
Anyway, great new ride!

SW: 236
CW: 182
August mileage challenge 79.21/200
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