New to this, looking for advice

TEXAGGIE08 - 7:28PM UTC, Jan 22nd 2009

College Station, TX

Howdy all!
I just joined calorie king last weekend because I'm about to graduate from college in may and decided that looking a little more professional needed to involve looking more healthy. A while back I bought a Schwinn Ridge AL for getting around campus and it has worked out very well for cycling so far. I'm wondering if I shouldn't look into a road bike for some of these longer rides like you guys are talking about. Right now my longest ride was the one from today at 7 miles.

How do you approach the calories lost from cycling?
What kind of bike do you use?
How far do you usually go?

MEGGMCINTYRE - 11:49PM UTC, May 13th 2009 View users public blog

southern calif

Enjoy the bike you have. Ride a little every day even if it is just a 15 or 20 min. ride You will notice so much more around you and won't get burned out. Have fun.

13FOXTROT - 7:04PM UTC, Apr 22nd 2009

Sorry about the late response. I would think that one bike is enough unless you become a hard core rider and start doing both off road and around town. Welcome to the group.

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