to the Beach and Beyond

MEGGMCINTYRE - 11:47PM UTC, May 13th 2009 View users public blog

southern calif

Had a great ride from Cerritos California to Seal Beach. I was happy because we hit a head wind on the way out and I was still able to manage 12 mph on the way back the wind was behind us so we made the most of it our avg. speed was 17 mph. It is about a 20 mile ride altogether. I can remember Nov. of 08 not being able to walk to the top of our street. My bike has brought me such joy, I feel like a kid again.:)

13FOXTROT - 6:52PM UTC, May 28th 2009

Sounds like a great day full of Zen time. It's a shame c.k. doesn't notify group members when someone updates a thread.

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