Dropped 5 more, but the wrong way

VNEISWONGER - 11:31PM UTC, Sep 27th 2012

Clarion, PA

I was sick the other day and lost 5 more pounds. I hope I can keep it off.
Went to the drs yesterday and told him that my BS levels were dropping to mid 80's in the afternoon. About a week agfo the dr changed my insulin from Lantus to Levimer and I was concerned that it was too strong. So he bumped me back 2 units and told me that if I get down to 80 to bump it back 2 more. I do Not like the feeling that I get when my levels go to the 80;s. I get really shakey and light headed and break out into a sweat. Does anyone have a guesstimate of how long it would take for a body to adjust ? I know that 70-90 is the preferred area and that is where my dr wants me to be, but it scares me when I get there.
Vicki the bookwitch