Good low carb food items

LAVON23 - 8:15PM UTC, May 10th 2011

Phoenix, AZ

I was diagnosed last July with "pre-diabetes". Since then I had lost 15 pounds but have unfortunately gained 4 of those pounds back over the past two months. I am constantly struggling with good low carb food items. I have tried some of the South Beach Diet recipes which are good but I like quick and easy. If anyone has any good recipes or a sample of one day of their meals please share. Thank you!!!

FITMOMMA - 4:59AM UTC, Nov 27th 2012

If you are pre-diabetic how do you figure out how many carbs to consume a day to make sure you prevent becoming diabetic during pregnancy and non-pregnancy? Any help, link, or resources would be great. I am unable to see a dietician, and looking to figure all this out on my own. Cheers!

JUSTONDREA - 6:51PM UTC, Sep 25th 2011

Kapuskasing, Ontario

I just bought a cookbook from Amazon that supposedly has simple 15 minute meals.... low carb.....when it comes in sometime next week, I will try to post a few for ya......I know what you mean by simple recipes.....when your working all day, the last thing you want to do is be in the kitchen all evening.....My parents are both diabetic. My mom really bad. I don't want to go down their road, and according to my doctor, that is where I am heading. So wish me luck, as I wish all of you luck. hugsssssssssssss Ondrea

EMELINE - 12:06AM UTC, Aug 21st 2011

I love Steel Cut oats with just apple/walnuts/cinnamon....yummy!

LIZZYMC60 - 7:28PM UTC, Jul 25th 2011

Northern California

I have found lots of good recipes on Linda's Low Carb Site. You can change them up some with lower fat versions of cream cheese, cheeses, butter, etc. Lots of good ideas.

LAVON23 - 2:03AM UTC, Jul 20th 2011

Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for everyone responding. Sorry I have not been on lately as I have been extremely busy. However I just recently had blood work done again for my 1 year follow up and my cholesterol and A1C is back up. Not super high but I have a huge genetic component of becoming diabetic. Right now I am still considered "an increase risk or pre-diabetic." It really helps to know that other people are struggling with the same thing. Today I did really well with my calorie intake with only going over by 22. However, I went over by about 75 carbs. Please keep the suggestions coming as I know this is something that I continue to struggle with. I hope that maybe there will be some of us that can keep in touch on here and motivate each other.

Keep it up. I know I will as this is my life and I refuse to go down without a fight!!!!


BOOCAT1860 - 1:19AM UTC, Jul 18th 2011

Hello, My name is Tina and I am a type 2 diabetic. I have been struggling with high blood sugars for the last 10 years of my life. I am overweight and have complications from the diabeties in the form of diabetic retinopothy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. I take medication for all of it and then some. For the last year my blood sugars have been way out of control. My last A1c was 11.1. Something had to be done. I also have a catarac that my eye doctor does not want to do anything about until I get my sugars down below 200, preferably 150. I've had reading recently as high as the 400 range. I thought I was doing fine with my foods but I was getting hire readings and putting more weight on. I just started the CK program this week after seeing a Diabetic educator and Nutritionist. Seeing the educator/nutritionist and joining this program has been the best thing I could have done. Starting with the nutritionist. She helped me understand the foods that I eat much better and how they affect my body and my blood sugars. The biggest change has been in how I view carbs. There are all different types of carbs and it is important as a diabetic to know this. I love oatmeal. What's wrong with that? Supposed to be high fiber and good for you. The problem is in the way they are processed. The more processed the worse for you as a diabetic. I went from Quaker oat packages to Steel cut oats and I have been able to see a real change in my sugars after eating the Steel cut oats. What she explained to me was that the more processed a oat or grain, etc. is the faster your body absorbs it and the more your sugars will spike and also you are more likely to be hungry again sooner. The less processed oat and grains allow your body to more slowly absorb the nutrients and carbs, resulting in lower sugars and less hunger. This is working for me. My blood sugar readings are almost 100 points lower, more consistantly below 200 just in this last week. i obviously need to continue tweeking my food choices but it seems to be working. I find the CK food diary to be very helpful to me. I was able to set my measurements for carbs etc. to match what my nutritionist recommended to help keep me on track. Another issue is being overweight. Fats keep your body from absorbing the insulin your body produces as well as any insulin you take. As you lose weight and fat your body will be able to absorb insulin better and your sugars will go down. For me it was a lifestyle change that I had to choose to make and the first step was going to the diabetic nutritionist. The second was using the CK diary. I'm allowed 253 carbs a day. So far I have only gone over once. No more mac and cheese for me.

Steel oats, 1 cup cooked with raisins and chopped apple, 1tps brown sugar.

CLGILLINGHAM - 6:37PM UTC, May 31st 2011

Sacramento, CA

Thanks! :rock1: This sounds fabulous ~~ I'll have to check out this new tool! I'm a pasta person too, and this sounds like it could solve some of my carb issues :thumbu2:

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J_ALLENBROWN - 3:55AM UTC, May 31st 2011

Columbia, South Carolina

I have the same problem. I have plenty of calories left - but no room for carbs. I love pasta - that's a problem for me. HOWEVER, my new favorite kitchen gadget is a "spiralizer"! They're easy to find on, and they're cheap. And I think they are a little bit magic. You put in a zucchini, yellow squash or eggplant and POOF! - it comes out like spaghetti noodles. You don't have to boil them. Just through some real butter and a plop of already minced garlic in a pan. Melt the butter and throw in the zucchini "pasta". Two minutes later, dump it on a plate, sprinkle it with some freshly grated parm or asiago cheese with a chicken breast or a tuna steak and dinner is done. You can do all kinds of variations - soy/ginger, bacon/cream or even traditional marinara or bolognese. DON'T over cook the zucchini - one or two minutes MAX! Because you aren't wasting carbs on the pasta - you can make the sauce out of the really tasty good stuff. Let me know how you like it. We are hooked on it. Partly because it's very tasty and partly because it literally takes 5 minutes from fridge to plate.

CLGILLINGHAM - 4:29PM UTC, May 18th 2011

Sacramento, CA

I was just diagnosed at the end of March and am struggling with the same problem ~ good, quick/easy, low carb!!
I find that I'm not having any problem with the calorie count my Dietician put me on, but I am having a problem with the carb count! I usually have tons of calories left over, but I'm maxed out on my carbs. :)
I'm interested in hearing some good advice as well.

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