NEWBY and diabetic, type 1

MINI - 2:42PM UTC, Jan 12th 2009

Hi All,
joined last Wednesday and was so encouraged the first two days because my blood sugar numbers were already improving. By Friday, I had the greatly feared low which knocked me off my feet and of course had to have sugar to bring it up. It was end of the day and Friday was over for me. I know I always go through this when I start a new meal plan but I probably won't even see a 1 pound loss...a bummer. I do love this site though, the recipes, recording, forums, etc. Also, I've found that eating more protein helps stablise my blood sugars too. I wear an insulin pump and sensor.
I'll take any suggestions or encouragement out there! Thanks!

JAVAGIRL - 2:08PM UTC, Jan 28th 2010

Toronto, Ontario

Hi evryone;

I'm also wear an Insulin Pump and am new to CK.

I found that in order to maintain my sugars and have carbs that have to whole grains.
White bread, pasta send my sugars through the roof, regardless of how I adjust my bolus.
My dietian recommended trying 30g for breakast/lunch and 45g at dinner. If snacking 15-20g per snack or lean protein, fruits, vegetables.

I find that I usually have less carbs at breakfast/lunch and go over at dinner. The bread and wraps I use are not high in carbs. At dinner I usually have potatoes or yams, which, brings me higher on carbs.

Knock on wood, I've never had an infection on the site.

We wish we didn't have the disease at all, but we do and the pump has been a godsend. Doing needles before every meal, morning/night was becoming sooo stressful. My eating got out of control.


KLYOUNG1127 - 3:57PM UTC, Jan 5th 2010


Those of you who wear pumps, ever have probs with infections at the site? I tried one many years ago and didn't like it. I want to try again, now that I'm older and responsible. lol


POOH FRIEND - 8:13PM UTC, May 14th 2009

Hiya. I too am newbie here, although I tried a coupole of years ago and didn't get anywhere. I am type 1 since 1960, use a pump and a CGM--sometimes. Need to get back on the right track myseownself. Maybe we can urge each other on.:angel4:

ORCHID6297 - 5:47PM UTC, May 8th 2009


I too wear a pump and a sensor. I am also a medical assistant. One thing that helps me is cutting my basal rate in half until I am over the low bloodsugar. I still eat or use glucose tabs, but until my bloodsugar comes up, I use a temporary basal rate. Check with your doctor before doing that, but it's just something that the nurse practitioner told me.


TAYLORBUSS - 2:13PM UTC, Apr 22nd 2009

Columbia, MO

:hi: Good morning! I think the basic diet, less carbs, more veges & protein will probably hold us just right...I hope! I know the diet that advocates 25% protein/meat, 25% carbs, and 50% veges should work...easier said than done.

I've done much better with my snack choices...:clap: I discovered I can get hummus in small containers :smile1: (still 2 servings per container...why don't they just say 1 serving per container...who shares a small container [container = 2 tbsp] :sad2:? So, I've been taking carrots or other vege and hummus. I've also taken cheese and deli meat slices for snacks. This has allowed me to stay within my calorie targets and not get ravenous...and keeps my blood sugar controlled as well.

Vicki B.

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DBEASLEY795 - 12:39AM UTC, Apr 22nd 2009

I am a diabetic type 1 for 15 years and i use an insulin pump. I am trying to get back on track. Look forward to staying in touch with you guys.

74ELBEJAY - 3:44PM UTC, Jan 15th 2009

Western PA

Welcome Anne,

I hope that we can get a dialogue going. I was diagnosed in May and do really basic foods. Hope to get support using new recipes that are carb friendly.
Do you have problems staying with your meal plan?
Any suggestions on making things interesting.