New to group - been Type II diabetic for a year

GRACIEMOM - 2:30AM UTC, Mar 6th 2011

Hi all,
I thought I would seek out some support here and see if we can beat this thing together. My diabetes is actually in great shape (AIC 5.3 down from 6.5) but I can't seem to lose any weight. I am disabled and can't exercise (in a wheelchair some of the time) but have no leg strength to exercise so I get really frustrated. I am hoping to get to know people so that we can support each other. I have some secrets on how to lower your blood sugar using supplements too. I don't like taking all the meds the endocrinologist gives me ( I still do but they don't control my BS numbers good enough) so I use supplements to lower my numbers. My AIC has lowered too. Just wish my weight would.

LORIF. - 5:27AM UTC, Mar 8th 2011

North Dakota

I've been in this group about a month. I know how hard it can be to lose weight and be a diabetic. My A1C recently went down to 6.3, I'm happy with it but I always want it lower. I'm finding it hard to lose weight and keep my health in check.
Welcome to the group.