New to having prediabetes

MLM - 11:29PM UTC, Jul 10th 2008


HI all I am hopint that we can chat about EVERYTHING from activity to meals and attitude changes,

I am trying all sorts of new reciepes and trying to limit the carbs. Any ideas any one??

Thanks, Mary Lou

MANYQUILTS - 1:14PM UTC, Jul 22nd 2008

Sorry to have been away from the computer for awhile.

Getting a diabetes diagnosis has turned out to be the wake-up call I needed. Prior to this I had no will power at all, ate bread, pasta and chocolate like they were the only foods available. Since my diagnosis in March, I've lost 18 pounds, and I exercise 30-60 minutes per day. I write down what I put in my mouth, and check the carb levels of each thing. I've noticed that more than anything else, portion size is what helps me control the number of carbs. For instance, I'll eat a half slice of bread instead of a whole one, and save the other half for the next meal. If I eat a pasta salad, I actually measure it so that I know if it's a half cup or a lot more. That's also helped with the weight loss.