New to this group

JACKIEBAILEY - 10:27PM UTC, Sep 24th 2010

Hi All -

I am looking to make some online buddies to give me the support and encouragement to get my Diabetes (Type II) under control and to lose some weight! Sometimes family don't really understand everything we are going through and I don't feel like I get enough support. I am hoping to be welcomed into this group and make some new friends.

DIGIDI - 12:06PM UTC, Oct 28th 2010

I would love your help and motivation. I am diagonised to be a type II diabetic in July and I haven't done anything to help. I joined CK and that is about it. I have not been visiting CK at all. So now I have to be very serious and here I am deciding to visit CK and expecting some help from people like you.


CSSHEALTHY - 11:38PM UTC, Oct 8th 2010


I'm new to CK as well and MOKEEFE is correct, this group does not appear to be very active. I to would like to meet some people that I can buddy up with and share this journey with. Someone to challenge be as well as encourage me.

Out of all the things I've ever tried, I can honestly say that I was most successful when I was working with someone that I share my daily food journals with and discussed the challanges that I was facing.

I be happy to Chat with you anytime.

MOKEEFE - 4:37PM UTC, Oct 5th 2010

Welcome - this is not a very active group. I've been type II for two years and work to maintain tight control. I'd be happy to talk with you about all that I've learned - either here or through e-mail.

HW: 298
IGW -10%: 234
GW: 165

KWAPIE - 10:50AM UTC, Sep 26th 2010

Hi and welcome to CK. I'm also a newbie with type 2 diabetes. Using my dairy everyday seems to be helping a lot. Monday will be my second week here. You have a wonderful journey.