Trying to Fight Through Denial

CSSHEALTHY - 11:46PM UTC, Sep 21st 2010


I'm new to CK, however I'm not new to the Diabetes or Weight Management Hell!

I was told a year ago that I was considered Pre-Diabetic and that I needed to loose weight to prevent Type 2 Diabetes. I immediately started dieting and exercising with the result being a 30lb weight loss in 4 months. Great News!! BUT it didn't last.

The sad part of this is, that I started feeling better, my A1C improved, my energy level was improved but instead of that motivating me to push forward, I gave myself a pass to start slipping because I had convinced myself that it was ok because I was ALL BETTER. That is a JOKE!

I hope that by using CK and becoming involved with the Groups here I can break through the denial and face the reality!

If there are others out there that find themselves in a similar situation, please let me know. We don't have to do this alone. :)

HW 285
CW 270
IGW 243
GW 135

MARYSZE1 - 5:58PM UTC, Nov 12th 2010

Thanks Lee--I hadn't heard of WheyLow before, I will definitely look for it. Is it something you have to find online, or is there a typical retail outlet for it?

I'm trying to appeal to my geeky side to help me with this -- just got a new glucose monitor that hooks into my computer via USB port and has tracking software. And just found out my healthcare system has an online health tracking software that actually lets me look at my records--no more looking for where i hid my last blood workup!

My best tip so far, for portion control:
-->I have purhcased several "little bowls" that are pretty and are different sizes. I use my measuring cup to determine what portion size each bowl represents, and then use the bowls instead of a plate for serving up things where i need to limit my servings. I have some for 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, and 1 cup servings. Instead of using a measuring cup and transferring to a plate and getting depressed at the tiny pile of rice or whatever, I get my pretty little bowl full of whatever it is and, for whatever reason, am more satisfied with that.

-->worst mistake recently: buying Halloween candy that *I* like and keeping the leftovers in the house instead of bringing it to work. I have used Whopper's malted milk balls a couple of times for my evening snack when i know i shouldn't have! They have now been scarfed by the guys at work, but there were a few days when I definitely succumbed!

LICHAN - 2:05AM UTC, Nov 9th 2010

Kansas City

Marysze1, I'm so sorry to hear about your personal loss. Getting a "new eating lifestyle" going is hard enough with having to deal with all those emotions.

I just got started two weeks ago. I thought I was going blockbuster: coming in on target every day, keeping the carbs in exactly the right place, no cheating, etc. I couldn't wait to get to the gym on Friday to check my weight. And guess what?

I didn't lose a single pound!! I had a meltdown right there in the middle of the gym. Sobbing hysterically, shaking my head saying "it's not worth it! It's just not worth it! Just shoot me now!" My poor husband didn't know what to do! HA!

Well, I calmed down and am back on good footing again. I KNOW the weight will come off. How can it not? I used to eat junk food at least twice a day and now not a piece of it crosses my lips! I have no idea how long this is going to take, but I will prevail (she says with her fingers and toes crossed...)!

Let's all help each other. I would love to hear your best tips, worst mistakes, etc.

Here's my best tip of my journey so far: WheyLow - Sugar for Diabetics. Maybe everyone in the universe but me has heard of this stuff, but if not, you're in for a treat. It's a sugar substitute, but it's not a bunch of chemicals - 100% natural made from fructose and lactose. Tastes and cooks just like real sugar. Lo cal (5 cal per 1 tsp) and lo glycemic (4g carbs per serving). No aftertaste! Comes in regular, powdered and brown sugar, too!


MARYSZE1 - 6:33PM UTC, Nov 8th 2010

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year, just before getting married. I went on meds, but of course, thought i would wait until after the wedding was over to "get serious". Three months after the wedding, my husband died very unexpectedly, followed by my mother dying about 3 months after that....I am just now, a year after my husband's death, starting to come out of my depression enough to pay attention to my health. I have used the CK software in the past to lose weight, and know that logging my food intake is one of the things that enables me to be successful, but this is the first time that I am trying to use the community features to help get me through. The hardest thing for me right now is moving to a "3 meals plus one snack" regimen that is recommended by the dietician who is a diabetes specialist...I am such a nibbler, but I'm trying....

CSSHEALTHY - 1:57AM UTC, Sep 29th 2010


Thanks for your words of encouragement. Hearing what you've accomplished gives me hope, that I too can do this.



DGARDNER61 - 2:51PM UTC, Sep 28th 2010

Katy, TX

Good to read your posting....I hear you about denial! I've had such similar experiences... when I was Type II diagnosed - I went on meds... ate low carb, lost 100 lbs... felt GREAT!...even went off my meds and kept my weight off for a year... then I slipped back into my old ways... because I just figured I'm fine...but believe you me... diabetes comes back to haunt you... my ignoring my problem just made it worse.. and diabetes can't be ignored... I had reached the point where I was on a mealtime and extended release insulin shots this summer... and talk about depressed and a shot of reality. I was so angry with myself, I can't even tell you how awful it was.... but thru work on my eating - even though the weight loss is slow... a lot has changed... I am now down to 1 insulin shot a day... and know that if I can get my weight down I can start reducing my extended insulin (per the Dr.) I.E. - you are not alone!

CK has been a great tool for me... at 1st I just struggled not even really watching what I ate.. the challenge for me was to be TRUTHFUL about what I ate...after doing that I actually started focusing on what I was eating...and eating healthy for my BG levels... little steps....
Mantra: I am working to be healthier! Hang in there!

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