Want to get this group moving

BIGBLUE92 - 8:50AM UTC, Oct 26th 2010


I joined this group to be able to share with others all the concerns, feelings and food plans for Diabetics.

But, I don't see much activity here. Let's get this going because I know there are a lot of us out there that can support each other.

About me - I was diagnoised last December. Since then I have lost 50 lbs and 5 clothing sizes. I am NOT on medication but struggle every day to be sure that I eat properly. It gets hard, depressing and its always on my mind. Luckily, my numbers are good, but its hard work.

I would love to get lots of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and just what you are doing in general to keep your blood sugars in control.

Hope to hear from you.

CLGILLINGHAM - 8:47PM UTC, Mar 25th 2011

Sacramento, CA

I'm not new to CK, but last week I was diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic, and I'm a little overwhelmed! I'm scheduled to see the Dietician and I've signed up for a couple of classes to learn about diabetes, but looks like it might take awhile to get into one of them. What can/should I be doing in the mean time???

My A1c readings were 5.8/120. I've been on a medical whirlwind over the last 5 months trying to find out what was wrong with me ~ I've had eye issues, elevated vascular markers, elevated cholesteral readings, had all the heart related tests done, ended up in the hospital where a CT scan found nodules on my Thyroid (biopsied) ~ and really struggling with trying to loose my weight. On CK I had lost 45 lbs, but I've almost gained that all back now. I'm pooped and could really use some support from those that share this experience!

Colette ><>
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ZENSEWING - 4:58PM UTC, Mar 22nd 2011

Williamsburg, VA

I'm glad to be a part of this group. Just joined and am surprised that it's not busier.

I have had type 2 for a year or so now and am in that phase of - eh, not sure I care. I need to get my serious diabetes jones back. I was watching Heavy last night and listening to them talk about how insidious diabetes is and it reminded me how I don't want to continue with this disease. I've recommitted myself to balancing my carbs and proteins while maintaining my caloric level. Wow, there's a lot to keep track of, but we can do this, right?

Life is good....and then some.

LORIF. - 6:04AM UTC, Mar 13th 2011

North Dakota

I'm not sure what to tell you. I've learned that every diabetic is different. I found I can't handle pasta, I love spaghetti but it doesn't love me. I've found that rearranging my portions on my plate help, I eat 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 protein and 1/4 carbs. My dietician told me if I'm really hungry fill up on extra vegetables, this works for me. I love salad and vegetables. I've also gone to drinking only diet pop, I used to drink Mountain Dew by the boat loads. I've also found that when I do let myself indulge in a little extra, I then go for a walk or do some exercise. Journaling also helps me, sometimes keeping track of what you eat and how your blood sugar reacts to the food is helpful. Hope this gives you a few ideas to work with, Lori.

HOPEFUL2011 - 8:57PM UTC, Mar 10th 2011


If I were to see a reading of 87.. I might cry; since I have been on medicine mine has not been undedr 129 fasting and that has only happened a few times. I really am lost on what to eat and what not. I goto a walk in clinic since I dont have insurance and they have not really gave me a diet or good guidelines. so I have been winging it and it is not working.

LORIF. - 5:15AM UTC, Feb 27th 2011

North Dakota

Let me start out by saying I need to get back on track. My stomach was acting up this week. I ate terrible for 3 days, in the end I ended up gaining back 2 of the 4 pounds I had lost since January 1st.

128 Before Breakfast (Woke up early and couldn’t go back to sleep.)
82 Before Supper (Feeling cold.)
87 Bed Time (Feeling cold.)

My sugar was kind of high this morning, then tonight before supper and at bed time it was low. At bed time I tried drinking a cup of skim milk like Lyla said, have to wait and see if this helps...

So, about 1 1/2 hours later I rechecked my blood sugar, again it was 87. This means that the milk trick didn't work. I then ate my evening snack totaling 30 carbs., I know this will help.:wave1:

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LORIF. - 4:10AM UTC, Feb 5th 2011

North Dakota

So this week was difficult for me, I had a lot going on and was very stressed out.:sad3:

I did however figure that I can eat out I just need to stay alert and make good choices. I also have been working hard to eat better and exercise more. I've been thinking about new types or items for exercise. I've also have received some support from my husband and kids, that is great for me because every little bit helps.:wink3:

I have been reading the ingredient labels more often to see exactly what a serving size is. I was surprised to find out that 6 pizza rolls is 1 serving; 220 calories and 23 carbs. When I chose to eat pizza rolls with my family I just made a cup of frozen vegetables as my filler (I was out of lettuce or I would have had a salad).=D

Today was such a beautiful day with the sun shining and the snow melting, that my girls and I went for a 30 minute walk before supper. That was so much fun and enjoyable.:eyebrows: I really miss going outside for walks, that is one of my goals to try and do more instead of the treadmill.

DGARDNER61 - 4:47PM UTC, Jan 28th 2011

Katy, TX

LoriF - you are right to avoid no carb diets - it's impossible to sustain for the long haul - and CK is just so balanced and reasonable... Since you've been thin in the past you know how much better you feel when the weight is off - I had that for a few years but overall have been obest my entire life. And yes it's true - once you are diagnosed with diabetes - you have it for life; but it can be controlled by havinga healthy weight, eating plan and exercise - and many people with type II take no meds at all - I was like that after I had lost so much weight - it's just that the heavier you are the more insulin you need, and the more sugar you eat - the more insulin you need - and your body can only provide so much insulin naturally.... so if you are in the early stages of Type II or are pre-diabetic it's really important to get it under control as much as you possibly can... I actually walked my dog last night and am going to work really hard on baby steps with the exercise, drinking lots of water - and keeping the sugar and carbs down... not to -0- - just healthy carbs! Have a great weekend!

LORIF. - 3:00AM UTC, Jan 27th 2011

North Dakota

Nice to meet you Debra, I have an aunt who was Diabetic and went on the Atkins diet. My aunt ended up losing weight and said her diabetes went away. I asked my doctors about this, they said diabetes never goes away completely just gets better. My doctors told me not to do the Atkins diet because it wouldn't be good for my health.:n: I am now doing the CK program because I can keep track of my calories and carbs., I think if I stick to it this can work for me. ;) I've been overweight since I had my first child in 1998, I was always very thin before. :bang: It is hard for me to look in the mirror and see who I've become, but I love the person I am today just not the body I am in. I am committed to changing the body to meet the person inside. Good Luck.:wink2:

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DGARDNER61 - 9:45PM UTC, Jan 26th 2011

Katy, TX

Hi - I've been diabetic Type II for almost 12 years now... I was so scared when I first found out I have Type II I lost a lot of weight eating NO carb.. and boy did it work.. I dropped 100 lbs in less than a year.. and kept it off for 2 years... but then I slowly started adding carbs back into my diet... and then started eating the crap again.. and gained it all back plus some.. as usual..

Now my health is worse/ on lots of meds for the blood sugar - and I am struggling right now to stay off insulin.. and I KNOW that weight loss is the only answer... so I am working hard on CK to track my food... and keep my carbs to healthier choices; whole grains, fruit, yogurt, milk, etc.. and staying away from the less nutritional carbs like processed sweets and flour products.....

If you are pre diabetic - it's worth adjusting your eating a little - to avoid all the complications that full blown diabetes brings.... CK will definitely help!


LORIF. - 4:45AM UTC, Jan 25th 2011

North Dakota

I am new to the CK program, I've been a diabetic since 2006, and lately my A1C and blood sugar levels have been creeping up. I have been working hard to exercise daily, eat better and journal everything. I have been able to stabilize my diabetic medicine, meaning they haven't increased my insulin or pills in 4 weeks. I know all my hard work is paying off, I joined this group to get continued motivation.:wave1:

LICHAN - 1:50AM UTC, Nov 9th 2010

Kansas City

Hi Kgraham68! Glad to see someone out here! I think part of the problem is there doesn't appear to be a way of being flagged if someone replies to you. So I guess I'll just have to start visiting out here a bit more often.

So sorry to hear about the lupus. I know I'm freaking about the diabetes all by itself. I have to say the CK has been helping me in a big way. It's so easy to figure out exactly how many carbs I'm taking in for each snack and each meal! I tend to load my info for a meal before I eat the meal so I can see where I am. That makes it much easier to make changes - before it goes in my pie hole!

Please keep coming back out here. We need to get this group MOVING.

KGRAHAM68 - 8:20PM UTC, Nov 6th 2010

Hi there... I've had diabetes for a while - like 10 years - and now have lupus to deal with as well. I'm doing fine on both counts, but my A1c is creeping up again and I KNOW that if I took off the weight I'd do much better.... I work full time, have two kids and a husband with a difficult work schedule! AAUGH! In any case, I hope to get back into the CK lifestyle and do better!

LICHAN - 5:30PM UTC, Nov 5th 2010

Kansas City

Hi Pat! I'm new to CK and was thrilled to see there's a diabetic group... but it doesn't look like folks are very active. Let's work on getting this group moving!

I was just diagnosed as pre-diabetic and am in a tailspin. What can eat?! I almost starved myself for a few days through indecision!

I just read so many conflicting bits of information. Yes, you can eat carbs, but only low GI. No, low GI is a bunch of crap. Don't eat any carbs at all. yadda, yadda...

Hope we can all help each other out!