Where is everyone?

DEBBIE1026 - 4:31PM UTC, Jul 21st 2010

Only 78 members to this group? Where is everyone hiding? :afraid2: In denial or just not joining the group? I know not everyone likes to journal or blog, I myself have belonged to CK for almost two years but just recently got serious about sticking to it and blogging/threading became a motivational tool. I am a nurse (so yes I sometimes think how could I have let this happen with all the education I have in the subject and amount of teaching I do) and I know there are so many more diabetics and pre-diabetics on the CK website. Fellow diabetics can be so supportive and inspirational to one another. It is a shame to let this group grow stagnant, but I do know people can be very busy with little time to blog. Hearing from others even every few weeks would be good. I have read blogs from others with DM, so I know they are there.
I, personally, was officially diagnosed with DM in 2006. I had been warned a year earlier that I was pre-diabetic and if careful could reverse the process. I was in my last year of the nursing program which was extremely stressful and working part-time. That, added to the fact that I am a food junkie, sealed my fate. If only I could roll back time. :sad3: But I am happy to say that I now eat healthy 90% of the time, even when snacking too much, and my blood sugars remain normal while watching my carb intake with each meal or snack. My fastings are usually 80's-90's as long as I eat some kind of snack before bedtime. I am on meds but have been able to taper down on them over the past few weeks and my A1c has come down from 6.8 in June 2008 to 6.0 (which my endo thought would be unlikely) as of Jan this year. I was a little bad for a few weeks Mar thru May eating emotionally at work so I am a little nervous about my next A1c. I work with my endo at the hospital and would be very embarassed if he saw an increase instead of same or lower number.:help: Anyway, the point really is that my numbers have been great despite the fact that all those bad behaviors took their toll on the scale as a gain of 9 lbs since the beginning of the year. :blush4: I couldn't figure out why the continued gain or the difficulty maintaing wt loss until I signed back on with Ck and realized that even though I am eating better I am taking in too many calories.:n: :nono5: and exercise has not been my strong-suit...except at work where I hit the floor running three days a week. (I am told that doesn't count :sad2: )
Signing off for now. Hope to see some updates from some of you soon and hope some others decide to hop on board. :wave1:

CSSHEALTHY - 11:48PM UTC, Sep 21st 2010

I was in denial for sure!! Not anymore.

MTSTUDENT - 4:12AM UTC, Aug 26th 2010

Good for you! I also joined in July. My am sugars were around 115-125. These past two weeks have been 93-98. I had my A1C today. Hope the improvement shows in my blood work. Calorie King has really helped me to know exactly what I am eating. I love the program so far.

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Hi all. Just joined this group. I think denial and diabetes go hand in hand. I for one don't like to admit it. I joined CK in the middle of July. My morning sugars were around 196. Since I have been following the plan, my morning blood sugar has dropped alot! Down to 134 yesterday! So happy. Forgot to test this morning..... some mornings are just like that!!! lol.