good report ,but

74ELBEJAY - 11:25AM UTC, Jan 1st 2009

Western PA


I was diagnosed in May this year and have been really good so far. Have lost 62 pounds and my A1C is now 5.6.
At my Dr's appointment this week my blood pressure meds were cut in half and he took me off metformin. I am now diet and exercise for control of the diabetes. I am excited and worried.
Because of my bad knees I can do limited exercises.
Any suggestions for keeping things in control now. The dies part is easy yet as I am still highly motivated but I know that I will need more exercise to keep the numbers down.
Any help appreciated.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope 2009 is kind to you.


JLAT - 12:20AM UTC, Feb 1st 2009

Can you swim or do water aerobics for cardio? Depending on how bad your knees are you might try yoga also. Working with bands and free weights will help with tone. Hope this helps some.