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LCONANT - 11:41PM UTC, Feb 18th 2009

St Petersburg, FL

Hi, I was diagnosed in September of 2008 and I am simply just struggling to only eat 175 carbs a day. I started ck last week and tomorrow is my first weigh-in. I know I lost probably a couple of pounds but can't seem to make my targets. I go over in some and under in the others. Probably need to spend more time working at a diet plan for the week and stick to it. Diabetes runs in my family very strong and my Dad was on renal failure because of it before we lost him in October. I promised him I would take care of myself and not let it get out of control. My doctors nurse tells me I am in the "honeymoon" stage and nows the time to do something. Well, I would love to join your group and share my sucesses and failures with people who have the same problems as I have.

BIGBLUE92 - 10:01PM UTC, Dec 4th 2009


Today I found out that I am diabetic :sad3: It has been on my mind a lot because (on my Dad's side) diabeties was very heavy.

The doctor is having me be on a weight and exercise plan for 3 months to see how that turns out before I have to go on any meds. I also will be going to a class on Dec. 16 to find out all the info I need.

Something the doctor said, is that I shouldn't have any cheese, fruit or eggs? Has anyone else been told that? Not sure how many carbs or sugar I am allowed a day yet. Is there somewhere to look to get some information on that? As I said, I don't go to the informational class until Dec. 16.

Any advise, tips, anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm just scared right now and DETERMINED that I will combat this by losing the weight and exercising more.


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LPHONG - 5:45AM UTC, Oct 15th 2009


I am also new to diabetes. Diagnosed in Feb. '09 & started taking Janumet only this past 3 months because I can't control my blood sugars with diet alone. :cry3:
I have been in CK now since Feb '08 but only lost 4 lbs. I have not been consistent. :bang:
I have trained myself though now, to eat small portions but still have lots of work to do especially with carb counting & staying away from high calorie foods. :frog:
I'll get there. :cross2:
I am slowly getting used to exercising at least 3 x a week in my treadmill. :thumbu2:

Hi to everyone!!!


TAYLORBUSS - 6:02PM UTC, Apr 8th 2009

Columbia, MO

:hi::hi: I was diagnosed with type 2 almost 10 years ago, :sad2: and was able to keep my blood sugar under control with diet and exercise. :smile1: I lost 30# the first year :clap: :smile1:, then plateaued :sad2:, then gained and lost 10# for the last 7-8 years!

I joined CK last year, had some success, but, life and arthritis consipired against me:sad2:. I have had my knees replaced 3 times, :scream2::scream2::sad2: last was a revision surgery (2 years ago) and that really derailed me! :scream2: And aggravated my fibromyalgia...:scream2: it had been somewhat quiet over the years (diagnosed over 10 years ago)...all that left me desperate, except I was too depressed to desperate! :sad2:

So, I'm back on track. :smile1: My blood sugar gradually worsened this year, so was started on metformin a few weeks ago. So, once again, diabetes has been my impetus to get on track with my health!

Numbers are starting to reduce to what I had been used to, and that makes me smile!:clap::talking:


Vicki B.

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YOGIBEAR - 7:26PM UTC, Mar 20th 2009

Hi, I also was diagnosed in September of 2008 after my 50th birthday. I just started CK this week. I weigh in 314 in September 08 but now weigh 280 lbs. I walk more and began a excercise class on M-W-F with a group of woman at the local park near my home.
I need help since I do not always count calories or carbs just cutting back on my old eating habits. Both my parents died from Diabetes and I have two sisters now who are diabete one is on insulin and still will not excercise. I also made a promise to myself last year when the doctor told me I was going in the wrong direction with my health.


LCONANT - 11:28PM UTC, Mar 9th 2009

St Petersburg, FL


No, we have not bought a Wii console as of yet. My sister has one and she said the exercise game was a killer. I did have fun with the bowling game though at a friends house. I think we are probably going to buy one soon though. I also have lupus and fibromyalgia which can limit me to what I can do. Some days are good others are bad and then I have days I don't even like to think about. Today is a great day!!. Please keep in touch I would love to be your support system. Your the first one from this group that wrote anything. I also joined another group. 50 and need of a tune up I think its called, some of those ladies have diabetes as well. Hope you have a great night, sorry it took me so long to respond had a few emergencies here.

Take care:rock1::rock1:

KELOSE - 7:10PM UTC, Mar 2nd 2009

Kelowna, B.C. Canada

I know just how you feel. I was diagnosed with Type II Sept 2007 and have been taking Metformin for control. Although my blood sugar is under control, by weight is not. I instantly lost 20 pounds by taking the Metformin within 2 months and have maintained that weight. However, I joined Calorie King (at 198 lbs) on the advice of my Diabetic counselor and did lose 5 more pounds, but over the last year it found me again along with another 5 pounds. I have recommited to staying on track 2 weeks ago and have gotten near my start weight on CK. But I need motivation and someone to WATCH over me like a hawk.

Last week was a breakthrough, as I bought a Wii package and intend to get Wii Fit. I have joined the Wii Fitness Challenge for March and commited to 500 minutes, however, as it's so much fun to do, I may even go over my commitment! Have you tried this out for exercise? I just HATE exercise, and love computers, so combining excercise, fun and electronics just made it for me - if you hate to exercise see if you can get Wii Fit. :rock1:

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