Being a Foodie is NOT a 4 letter word

GIRLAGOGO - 11:28AM UTC, Oct 29th 2009

the comfy chair

Well, obviously FOODIE has more than 4 letters, but I think that it's an updated term for "gourmand" and I am seriously one who enjoys GOOD food.

Fall is my favorite time of year because it's time for the world's best vegetable to be fresh and plentiful and that vegetable is... squash.

Today I'm making a stuffed turban squash with some Morningstar Farms Italian "sausage" and a low sodium stuffing mix with dried cranberries that I just happened to find at my local grocery store.

Usually I'll make some squash stuffed with brown rice and cheese. Oh my.

Anyone have a really good recipe for squash soup? I had some at a little place in Hollywood some years back and nothing I've made since has been half as good. Too bad I didn't get the recipe then. My search continues.