Difficulty with hitting the target...

LIA4303 - 4:22PM UTC, Aug 27th 2010


Wow. I have been doing this for 3 days and can't seem to stay under target calories. My love of food and wine is really getting in the way! Help!

NMENDICOTT - 12:43PM UTC, Aug 31st 2010

Dallas, TX

I totally understand. My love of food has made my journey really slow, but the important thing is that I can look back and see that I am better off than I was. I have found that replacing foods with healthier foods and viewing it as culinary challenge has been the key for me. It still allows me to love food, but now I love food that loves my waistline a little less. I have expanded my vegetarian recipes to try and pack as many vegetables in my diet as possible.

Best of luck to you...and if you find a good wine that is not a calorie killer, let me know!

HW - 298
CW - 243
Green Check Challenge -16/30