Favorite low carb snacks

NMENDICOTT - 12:46PM UTC, Aug 31st 2010

Dallas, TX

I have found that the amount of carbs I eat directly correlates with the amount of pounds I gain. I love bread and I love cheese...both which are pretty bad for me. Does anyone have any suggestions on low calorie, low carb yummy snacks to pack during the day to tide me over between meals?

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MIDDLEROAD - 1:17AM UTC, Sep 9th 2010 View users public blog View users public diary


Hey Nicole, I agree. Those carbs have a lot of calories and add up fast. They do seem to slow down weight loss and put pounds on easier. I like the little chart they have that shows the percentages in the circle of how much protein, fat and carbs you had. It makes me just a little more conscious of the types of food I am eating.

NMENDICOTT - 3:38PM UTC, Sep 3rd 2010

Dallas, TX

Thanks! I will try up some fun lettuce wraps and go for them. I am thinking some sort of asian slaw too!

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MARIANA2010 - 5:18PM UTC, Aug 31st 2010

Hemet, CA

Hi Nicole,

- Cheese is one of the more common low-carb snacks. I often turn to cheese sticks or cubes because they're fast and convenient.

- Vegetables may seem boring, considering they're usually a part of your meals, but there are several ways to make vegetables interesting snacks. Try making a dip out of low fat cream cheese and your favorite herbs or seasonings or hummus and dipping a variety of raw vegetables into it. Use lettuce leaves to make quick and easy wraps filled with chicken, tuna or egg salad.