Mashed Potato's

NMENDICOTT - 4:17PM UTC, Nov 3rd 2009

Dallas, TX

Been trying out some fun new way's to spice up mashed potato's. So far I have tried using traditional low fat prepared mashed potato's made with fat free sour cream and fat free milk and adding the following:

lightly sauteed onion, green pepper, fat free cheese, and turkey bacon (like a potato skin, but healthier). I bake it in the oven so it gets a little crisp on top.

jalapeno, garlic, corn and fat free cheddar (southwest version)

and I have one other version I am really excited to try which includes mashed sweet potato, jalapeno, orange juice and cilantro.

Anyone else have any fun add-ins for the versitile potato?:smile1:

ESTELLE75 - 1:24AM UTC, May 20th 2010


My friends have been making my recipe below for cauliflower puree and adding wasabi to it. You could probably do the same to mashed potatoes.

That sweet potato recipe sounds intriguing!

ESTELLE75 - 5:25AM UTC, Dec 6th 2009


As an alternative to mashed potatoes, I make a cauliflower puree. It may sound wierd but it is actually delicious. I crave it often and it is so healthy!

I steam two bags of cauliflower with a few garlic cloves.

Then puree in the food processor.

Add 1/3 cup of nonfat plain yogurt, 2 tsps olive oil, salt and pepper and pulse till smooth and creamy.

I love this stuff!