Obsessed with Blueberries

NMENDICOTT - 9:17PM UTC, Jan 25th 2011

Dallas, TX

I eat them on everything. In my cereal. In my yogurt. In my salads. Everything. Did you know that 50 blueberries has less than 40 calories.

Magical Magical blue food.

HW - 298
2011 starting weight-255
Green Check Challenge -22/24

AKFANN - 6:36PM UTC, Feb 5th 2011

Southeast Georgia

I love them too. My Father-in-law grows them so I always have some on hand. My favorite bluberry treat is blueberry pancakes (made with Fiber One pancake mix) with sugar free syrup.


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CKSW: 303 (Apr 2010)
CW: 216.6 (96.6 lbs & dropping!)
IGW: 213.2
GW: 150

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