Soups for the Fall/Winter

BADESJARLAIS - 1:49PM UTC, Oct 19th 2009

Dayton, OH

So, my fellow foodies, what soups have you found yourself making for the upcoming cold season? I have made Chicken and Dumplings a few times (recipe on my blogspot blog) because a girl at work loves it. I found a Progresso Tomato Basil soup I really enjoy, though I would like to find my own recipe so I can control the sodium content. I get Food Network magazine and one of the pull out guides was a "50 Easy Soups" guide. There are a couple in it I would like to make. I'm off tomorrow and Wednesday so I may spend my days cooking. :)

What are your go to soups for the chilly season?

ESTELLE75 - 5:28AM UTC, Dec 6th 2009


I like to make a carrot soup by boiling a bag of baby carrots until tender. Meanwhile microwave a sweet potato. Then pulse the carrots, and the potato (without skin) in the blender and add some vegetable broth. I like to add some nonfat plain yogurt to make it creamy. Then you can whatever seasonings you like such as ginger. I tend to like horseradish, but I think I am alone here. ;)

NMENDICOTT - 12:24PM UTC, Oct 27th 2009

Dallas, TX

My favorite soup recipe is the potato leek soup recipe from Julia Child. Just boil potato's and leeks in water until mushy then puree and add a little butter and cream and salt and pepper (I know butter and cream are bad, but moderation people, moderation) and it is ready to go. THis soup is simple, yet the perfect comfort food. If you look up the calorie content on the food database it is also okay on the calorie count. Pair it with a grilled turkey, 2% cheese and turkey bacon sandwhich on 35 calorie bread and you have an excellent cold winter night dinner.

I find that the 35 calorie bread falls apart easy when you are trying to spread things on it. I have combated this by using the spray butter (which is calorie safe).