52 and going ...

CITAS347 - 6:13PM UTC, Sep 9th 2008

just started today !! basically just reading and learning all about this program. will see in a week or so. i guess just being conscious about your weight and calorie intake and journaling it at the end of the day or during mid day will help a lot ... so i'm ready to experiment. any good thoughts out there, good wishes, encouragement is always welcomed.

SIMKATHY - 6:12PM UTC, Dec 19th 2008 View users public blog View users public diary


Hey, not sure if you will check back in but I do have a suggestion. This has helped me when I couldn't face another day of hunger. Gluccomannan and/or Well Betx fiber pills keep the hunger at bay for me. And that makes it possible for me to stay within my calorie range. It's probably better to get your fiber from real foods but for a short term boost in confidence and success, it has worked for me.