55 and just re-joined and recommitted

VALPAL215 - 6:08PM UTC, Nov 24th 2008


I've been slightly overweight all my life but quit smoking three years ago and gained 20 lbs. overnight! Well, not really overnight, but you know what I mean. Time to get that 20 pounds off. I'm tired of carrying it around.


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Congratulations! I know you will do it. There is a lot of support here at CK. he best thing is you quit smoking. That is hard. I did too once upon a time. I could never go back because smoking was giving me migraines.

I'm stuck home in the snow here in Seattle. It's a winter wonderland and beautifully sunny today. We hear another storm is about to hit us Saturday. So I loaded up on my fiber pills and just keep losing weight anyways. Seems I can control my eating environment better while stuck at home.