Another newbie would like to join

BLOOMER (guest) - 7:44PM UTC, Jan 19th 2008

Hi! I'm Bloomer -- I'm over 50 and FEEL ready for the rocking chair :) I weigh 306 (down 6 pounds from my highest) and have been struggling with weight all my life. I THINK I've figured out all of the things that have been stopping me and am ready to commit -- really truly commit -- to losing this time.

I'm a member of WW, but wanted an at home diary, and Calorie King seemed the best program for the Mac, which is why I joined. The WW program goals and CKs are very close -- I'm cutting starchy foods, because if I eat bread I do not lose weight, and wanted a program where I could track protein and carbs. I'm not cutting out all carbs, so please don't drum me out :), but I am watching them.

I'm single (never married), a highi school history teacher, live alone, used to walk a lot but haven't in years. I've been overweight all my life, but really started gaining after I went through a lot of personal and financial issues about 15 years ago, and have been gaining 5/6 pounds a year ever since. I've got to at least get that off!

I was very excited to find this group, and read the itnroduction threads -- this looks like a great group of interesting people, but there aren't any posts after we all introduce ourselves! I hope the group will become more active.

LNSGUY54 - 1:59PM UTC, Apr 13th 2008

Hi bloomer

I have been dieting on and off for a few yrs now. I currently weigh 205 lbs with a goal weight of 185. I know it does not seem to be much, but we all have our struggles. I have found that this website has helped discipline me to keep track of my intake of foods. Let me explain my routine and maybe you will find some of this useful. I strictly follow the daily requirement of calories, which for me is 1976. I get up everyday and do warm up exercises for about 15 minutes and then walk 2 miles at a pace of 5 mph. I also do this walking in the evening. to make it a total of 4 miles a day. I drink 8/8 oz glasses of water daily as well as take an antioxidant isotonic blend along with a daily dose of a probiotic for intestinal health. I also take a daily dose of Selenium and grape seed extract. I weigh in each week, but in the morning before I weigh in I do what some may think as a little odd, but a nurse friend of mine recommended it and says that this is very good for ones colon health. I take a large enema with an enema bag the morning I do my weigh in and then step on the scale about an hour after I finsih the enema. That is my routine, but everyone has their own approach to their health. The enemas good and contribute to good colon health. My friend said that enemas are not just for relief of severe constipation, but are good for routine health maintenance. Anyway, thought I would give you my approach to exercise/diet.

KAROLUS - 12:54AM UTC, Jan 26th 2008

Just read your post. I, too, have struggled all my life with my weight. I've tried everything, but finally feel that I have gotten to accept the reality of it...not easy to do. Anyway, what intrigued me about your post was that you are a history teacher. My undergraduate major was history, but life took me in other directions and I never got to be a history teacher, even though that was my dream at one time.