Got well and regained my weight

NEED2BHEALTHY - 12:16PM UTC, Aug 17th 2009

After my cataract sugery in June I've had pressure problems in my left eye. My optomotrist sent me back to the eye surgeon saying my pressure ws 70. Normal eye pressure is between 12 and 22. The doc put some nasty drops in my eys, plus he put many laser holes in my eyes. The eye meds made me sick from the dropping pressure. Oh for pain. I didn't eat or drink anything for 4 days. I had to go to the hospital for a nausea shot. This past week I ate and drank, but slept a lot and didn't drink enough liquids. Last Friday my skin was as white as a sheet and my skin stuck together when I pinched myself. I was major dehydrated. All weekend long I have been guzzling water. Now I feel better and my skin is back to being pink with no sticky wrinkles. Today I was scheduled to see him again, but I rescheduled it for Wednesday. Honestly, I'm scared to death to go back to him I may go back to my optomotrist today and see what the pressure is. She can talk to him, like Dr. to Dr.

During this sick time I lost 6 pounds and gained it back. :-(


NEED2BHEALTHY - 10:29AM UTC, Dec 28th 2009

Sorry I haven't gotten back with you sooner.

I have been able to exercise, but lack motivation. I don't even know where to start. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks.


LPHONG - 4:47PM UTC, Sep 18th 2009


Hi, welcome to the group. How's your eye? Are you able to do any exercise with the pressure going up in your eye.
Hope your feeling better.