Help! Need motivation.

NEED2BHEALTHY - 10:26AM UTC, Dec 28th 2009

I have no motivation at all. My mind is my worst enemy. What are your motivators to get healthy and thin?


AMADEUS4313 - 4:14PM UTC, Jun 5th 2010


Benita, I can identify with how you're feeling. Some days I wake up and think, "I'm old anyway,, who cares?" But then I think of my grandkids and suddenly it isn't about vanity - it's about quality of life.

NEED2BHEALTHY - 2:23AM UTC, Feb 25th 2010


You are looking good. The program must be working for you.

Today I did a whole 7 minutes of the dreadmill and thought I was going to die. Usually I do 3-5 minutes at a time, then rest or do something else, then back at the dreadmill.

CK tells me that I have gained 5 pounds since starting in June. Since then I have had a lot of medical problems and couldn't exercise. I fell of the wagon and couldn't get back on.

Have a good day.


13FOXTROT - 9:51PM UTC, Feb 2nd 2010

Sorry I missed this thread last month. I stay motivated by using the goal and reward system. Make a list of written goals and reward youself with non food when a goal is reached. Be sure to include short term goals, 6 month goals, 1 year goals, 3 year goals and 5 year goals. Having a goal is an amazing way of getting and staying motivated. :)

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COLLETTE228 - 2:07PM UTC, Jan 13th 2010

I wish i knew! I'm having the same trouble. But this time I'm not going to let this weight destroy my life. At least we admit that the motivation is lacking this moment. A sthomas merton once said to a brother monk who doubted his faith..Hang on brother faith comes and goes. It will come! Collette