I am New

JNANCELL - 12:55PM UTC, May 21st 2008

"To be happy--one must find ones bliss"Gloria Vanderbilt--This says it all for me--Re-upped with CK last pm--I am 63-will be 64 next week--have been playing with 12 pounds off and on since Jan 1. I really want to get this weight off and keep it off--need to keep upo with my 2 year old Grand-daughter Eliza. I hjave been on this journey for almost 30 years--up/down/up down--hope fully this will be it. Nancy

VIRGINIAB - 1:54PM UTC, May 26th 2008


I've been on the same journey. The past few years have been mostly losing and trying to keep off the loss. Still have about 30 to go.

Happy Birthday to you.:music2: Giving yourself the gift of health is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Just remember, anything you do, be it movement or counting calories, is better than doing nothing.

Find your bliss, one small step at a time.:thumbu2: