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JEDEN - 4:32PM UTC, Sep 10th 2007

I'm new to CK and to this group.

I'm 61 and still working. I have my own business, I'm a video and live event producer. Like most self-employed people, I'll probably never be able to retire - oh well!

I have osteoarthritis in my feet, knees and hips, so I have to lose weight to continue working.
I made a commitment to change what I eat and try to exercise (move) more about 3 months ago. Since then I have lost 25 lbs.

I'm really looking forward to connecting with other people who have the same challenges


BIGGRAMMA - 6:18PM UTC, Sep 11th 2007

Central California

:wave1: WELCOME from me also....Sorry I am late but did not see your thread yesterday....sure wish they (CK) would notify us when there is a new posting in our group....Congratulations on the 25 lost so far..:thumbu2:...Have a great day....

:hi: from Donna





JEDEN - 1:59AM UTC, Sep 11th 2007

Thanks for all the welcoming words!
Everyone is so friendly and helpful, it's amazing.


MKANDI7856 - 12:46AM UTC, Sep 11th 2007

Chico, CA

Hi Jessie and Welcome! Nice to meet you! Good for you on your weight loss!


BUN201 - 12:22AM UTC, Sep 11th 2007

Rhode Island

:hi: Jessie and Welcome!

Congratulations on 25 lbs lost! :clap:

SW 210........GW.....150
"It's a good thing to hope for help from God." Lam. 3:25

JOEY - 12:20AM UTC, Sep 11th 2007


Welcome. I'm another newbie who owns a business and probably will never retire. Another reason to take care of ourselves. I'm part owner and manager of a small market radio station. Have played around with Video a little bit but mostly I'm an audio person,(copywriting and voice over). So far, this had been good for me. I almost drove myself nuts over the weekend. When boredom hits, I want to eat. It's easy when I'm busy.

You'll find lots fo fun tools here at the CK site and lots of encouragement. Hope you enjoy the Journey!