Weekend Warrior

13FOXTROT - 5:05PM UTC, Jun 9th 2008

Howdy, this is my workout for the past weekend.

Friday 9.7 mile bike ride around town, 6 sets dumb bell curls, 20 minute stretch.

Sat. 90 minutes of kickboxing on heavybag and speed bag

Sun. 5k walk/jog, 3 sets bench press with free weights, 3 sets tricep curls with free weights, 1 set dumbbell pull ups, 1 set squats, 1 set lunges and 20 minute stretch.

Any other golden members wanna post their workouts? Maybe we can advise each other or point out strengths/weakness in a Golden members workout. :)

13FOXTROT - 10:00PM UTC, Dec 19th 2008

Is there any particular reason you don't stretch? It is one of the componets of a good exercise program. :)

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SIMKATHY - 6:15PM UTC, Dec 19th 2008 View users public blog View users public diary


Very nice!! I only found your thread here in December. But hopefully it's not too late to weigh in. (no pun intended).
I generally try to get to the gym 3-4 times a week but right now we are all housebound here in Seattle because of a tremendous snow storm. So I am catching up on my forum posting.
My workouts:
45 min treadmill
various machine weights for upper body
Ab workout