Brand New

LUCIRED - 5:01AM UTC, May 4th 2010

Good Evening I am new to the online Calorie King. I know this program works! I am just looking for some people in the same situation I am, basically I need alot of encouragement cause I get really down on myself cause the weight depresses me.

DHCALLOWAY - 11:20PM UTC, May 10th 2010


I know, I get down on myself too. I think doing something nice for yourself, like getting a manicure or getting my hair done makes me feel better about how I look, which believe it or not, helps me stay more motivated diet-wise.

DAINTYDANE - 12:48AM UTC, May 9th 2010

San Francisco

I totally understand. It is super depressing. Are you adding exercise yet? I am swimming 4 days a week and it makes me feel better, evn walking every day is good:y:.