MOCHAVW - 3:11AM UTC, Jan 16th 2009


I am not sure about any of you but I have been exercising a lot and eating pretty well but have only lost a pound! I have been doing research and many experts recommend getting a full physical (labs included) before setting up a life change/goal like losing 10+ pounds. Have any of you done something like this? I had an extensive physical about a year ago that came back perfect but I am beginning to think my hormones or thyroid is off now?

MOCHAVW - 6:12AM UTC, Jan 26th 2009


Thanks. I have a scheduled appointment wth my internal medicine doc tomm. Nervous a little about going but more embarassed to weigh in. The last time I saw him I weighed 135! Have a Great Monday, Kendall

THINURS - 4:22PM UTC, Jan 16th 2009


Usually health care will allow one physical every 12 months. I'd take advantage of it and see if your number have changed from last year!

1 pound a week is actually appropriate weight loss though so congrats on that!